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Samsung has started mass production of the Galaxy S22

BingMag.com Samsung has started mass production of the Galaxy S22

Based on the information we have so far about the Galaxy S22 series phones, we almost know that the Korean company wants them in February, the second Unveil next month and go to market. But yesterday it was announced that Samsung has started mass production of the Galaxy S22 series.

The Galaxy S22 and its two Plus and Ultra models are set to hit the market next year. Phones that we have heard a lot of rumors and news about, but in fact we are not very sure which one is going to come true and which one is just a rumor. However, there are a number of issues that we are sure of. The most obvious is the processor, which is said to be Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 898. Processors that are currently based on 4nm lithography, but we do not know if this is really the case.

Just like what we know about the Galaxy S22 series processor, in terms of the camera, the display And other specifications of this phone are scattered information available. So we can not be too sure what flagships are going to hit the market in 2022. But there is one important point in this regard, and that is the date of unveiling and release of these phones. According to information released yesterday thanks to the WinFuture website, it seems that Samsung has already started mass production of these phones.

According to the published information, mass production of all models, including the Galaxy S22 (with Model numbers SM-S901), Galaxy S22 Plus (SM-S906) and Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-S908) are launched. To be more precise, this process started in the middle of last week and now includes smaller parts such as cables. It is also said that the Galaxy S22 Ultra that Samsung is building will be for the US market and not the international market. Until this year, as in previous years, we will see two different models of a Samsung flagship.

According to reports currently in We have the option, it looks like Samsung wants to launch the Galaxy S22 early next year. Many well-known tech connoisseurs agree that the handsets will be unveiled in late January 2022, but some believe the Korean company is likely to unveil its new flagships in the second month of February. In any case, the difference between the two times is not very big and it will end up in a month, but considering that Samsung started mass production last week, the second hypothesis may be more correct.

Samsung It often started mass production of its flagship phones two or three months before the official unveiling, which means we should expect to see the unveiling of the Galaxy S22 series a month or two after the start of next year. But there is another issue with the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition. Samsung was supposed to unveil the phone this summer, but many problems prevented the Korean company from proceeding according to its plans, so it was forced to postpone its unveiling until 2022.

According to information We have the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition to be unveiled at CES 2022, which means we have to wait for this phone to hit the market in January. If that happens, Samsung will not be able to unveil the Galaxy S22 series again this month, and it looks like there should be some distance between them. Therefore, February seems to be a more logical and probable time than January for the unveiling of the Galaxy S22 series. On the other hand, the condition of Samsung clamshell phones is also very good, and therefore Samsung can unveil everything it intends to continue this year with this schedule.

Regarding the Galaxy S22 series flagships, although a lot of information is available Yes, but we can not maneuver too much on the rumors because nothing has been determined yet. Of course, well-known whistleblowers such as Ice Universe have published information that Samsung will use more powerful cameras in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which, given their good track record, can be somewhat reliable, but still as at the beginning of the text. It has also been said that the highlight of the Unlock Code 2022 will be the processors to be used in these flagships.

It seems that the news of Samsung's partnership with AMD is quite serious and the two companies are They are trying to make the Exynos 2200 with an AMD graphics chip. This processor is to be used in models of the Galaxy S22 that are sold outside the US and China, or better to say, in global markets, and if Samsung can solve the usual problems of the Exynos series in this model, we can say for the first time later. For years, we have seen great performance from Samsung's flagships with the Exynos chip. The installation of this pen will go to the market. As you probably know, Samsung has officially stopped production of the Galaxy Note series, which angered the fans of this popular series. To make up for this, Samsung has added stylus support to the Galaxy S21 series, but no stylus storage slot has been provided for any of these phones to make users even more frustrated. It seems that the story will be a little different this year, and at least the Ultra model with the capabilities of the Galaxy Note series will be released so that those who are interested in this series can also access products similar to what they were interested in. It is generally said that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will look similar to the Note series phones, but two other models will be launched with a design inspired by the iPhone 13 series. However, we have to wait and see what happens.

Do you think the changes that Samsung is going to make to the Galaxy S22 series flagships will help these phones to become the best flagships of 2022?

Source: PhoneArena

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