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Samsung has released the official introduction video of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition

While Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition a few days ago, today we also saw the release of the official video introducing this attractive phone.

A few days ago, Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, which is one It is also one of the most anticipated phones of this company. The Korean company was supposed to do it last year, which did not happen for a variety of reasons, and earlier this year a new Galaxy with multiple capabilities was finally unveiled. In this regard, the company today released an official introduction video in which we saw the appearance and various colors of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition.

In terms of color, although the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is less diverse than last year's model, the S20 It had a Fan Edition but it is really more beautiful. Although it depends entirely on the user's taste, there is no denying that Samsung has given more importance to the appearance of this phone. Of course, it was natural because the S20 Fan Edition was similar to the flagships of its time, and the newer model was similar to its flagships.

One of the good features of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is the ability to record video simultaneously with the selfie camera and back. So that both a filming event and your reaction to it can be filmed. Considering the powerful cameras built into this phone, you can expect a small camera with a lot of features in your pocket.

This phone, like any new Samsung phone, also supports night mode. It allows the user to capture great images even in the dark of night without using a flash. The screen refresh rate is up to 120 Hz, so working with the phone and browsing its various menus is a lot of fun. The battery that Samsung has designed for this phone is 4500 mAh so that the user does not have to worry about its longevity in performing various tasks.

The beating heart of this 6.4-inch phone is the Snapdragon 888 processor. Of course, it seems that the Exynos 2100 model will also be used in a series of other models. These chips are based on 5nm lithography and have high hardware power. The combination of internal memory and RAM of the device in the base model reaches 128.6 GB. The screen resolution, as well as the type of panel, is still + FHD and AMOLED, and there is no change in it.

The telephoto camera also reaches 8 megapixels, which can zoom up to three times optically and 30 times digitally. The selfie camera is also 32 megapixels and its quality is expected to be similar to the quality of the model used in the previous generation. will be. Support for resistance standards such as IP68 is also seen in it so that the Samsung representative has a very good resistance against the penetration of water and dust. Unlike the previous generation model, this model uses the Gorilla Glass Victus protective layer as a screen protector, which also has a very good performance against bumps, scratches and scratches.

You can watch the video introducing the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition above See.

Source: PhoneArena

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