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Samsung has introduced the One UI Book 4 user interface for Windows

BingMag.com Samsung has introduced the One UI Book 4 user interface for Windows

Yesterday during the Samsung Developers Conference, the company unveiled the One UI Book 4 user interface. Like the One UI interface that changes the look of Android, the One UI Book changes the look of Windows to better match the visual language of the interface of Samsung laptops and phones.

Samsung has worked extensively over the past few years. Started with Microsoft and this collaboration is deepening day by day. For example, we've been seeing Microsoft apps on Samsung phones for a long time, and Samsung has also played an important role in the connection between Windows and Android phones.

According to Samsung, One UI Book 4 Available for Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Flex, Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Odyssey. Other new Samsung laptops are sure to get it, too.

Not much is known about this interface at this time, and we do not know how and to what extent it changes the look of Windows. The One UI interface itself changes the look of Android extensively, but Windows is not an open source operating system, so Samsung can't change its appearance much. In any case, after the release of One UI Book 4, we can review it.

  • Review of Windows 11; Development in any case

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