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Samsung has announced the arrival of NFT on some of its TVs

In 2021, non-replaceable tokens, known as NFTs, created a new storm in the cryptocurrency market. Currently, all users use their phone or laptop to buy or sell or display these tokens. But in the meantime, Samsung executives have decided to make it possible to buy and sell NFT for a number of their newest TVs. And a series of frames can access it. This platform has access to several NFT markets, and users can view all the information about the NFT before buying, and if they wish, they will be able to easily buy it.

Samsung in this regard in more detail It has received a great deal of attention, and thanks to its intelligent calibration capability, the TV settings change when displaying different NFTs so that the final shape of the NFT exactly matches the view of its creator. TVs based on this platform will be available in a few months, and more details about this platform will probably be revealed by then. Samsung is currently the only company to offer this feature for its TVs, but other companies are likely to do the same soon.

They are, in fact, digital assets. The term "irreplaceable" means that this asset (effect) is unique and cannot be exchanged for another specimen of its kind. Users can convert almost anything to NFT, and because of this, many users have made a fortune this way, and many users are buying different NFTs in the hope of making huge profits.

  • How to make NFT and sell it online?

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