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Samsung has added one of the most anticipated features to its browser

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> has <b>added</b> <b>one</b> of the <b>most</b> <b>anticipated</b> <b>features</b> to its browser

Samsung Internet browser still gets better than the previous version even if it loses some of its important features after each update. Earlier this month, it was reported that Samsung was testing several features in the beta version of the browser, but did not provide details on when exactly these features will be available to everyone. But today we see that Samsung has added one of the most popular and popular features, namely the address bar at the bottom of the page to its browser.

According to the latest reports and rumors, from today Samsung users can get a new feature See in the browser of this tech giant. This update adds a popular and in-demand feature to the browser, which is to place the address bar at the bottom of the page. Coincidentally, the layout of the browser's interface is very similar to that of the Safari browser in iOS 15, but the important point was the addition of this feature that Samsung users expected to be able to take advantage of.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> has <b>added</b> <b>one</b> of the <b>most</b> <b>anticipated</b> <b>features</b> to its browser

But this feature is not the only change that has been included in the latest update of the Samsung browser. Samsung's official update shows some other important features that improve the usability or security of the browser. For example, the Smart Anti Tracking feature has been added to this browser to prevent tracking. The same is true of the address bar search experience. Now when you enter search keywords in this bar, it offers suggestions for better search.

If you are also a Samsung smartphone user, you can now use this feature by updating your Samsung browser. Not bad to know that Samsung browser is always considered one of the most popular browsers in the Google Play Store. Compared to Google Chrome, Samsung browser has a better toolbar. one of the most important reasons for this advantage is the placement of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, so that it will be easily available to the user when working with one hand. It is more advanced. In Google Chrome, you only have three Home, Tabs and Menu buttons in the toolbar. But Samsung Internet browser comes with a host of buttons to access different areas. Some of these include access to Downloads, History and Bookmarks. Samsung Internet Toolbar has also made some things much easier and faster. For example, by holding your finger on the tabs tab, you can quickly open a new tab. Also, with just one tap on the screen, you can easily switch to Incognito mode and browse the web without leaving any footprints.

Doing so on Google Chrome requires the use of at least two hands. The phone will be so that your fingers reach the top of the smartphone and press the corresponding buttons. Now that we're talking about one-handed use of the phone, it's good to know that in the Samsung Internet browser, you can access the bar address bar by holding your finger on the Home button, so you don't have to move your finger. Swipe to the top of the page.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> has <b>added</b> <b>one</b> of the <b>most</b> <b>anticipated</b> <b>features</b> to its browser

Home page in Korean giant internet browser Chrome is a little better designed. one of the best options for proving this superiority is its personalization capabilities. Samsung browser allows users to create shortcuts to custom sites on the Home screen. In this way, you no longer need to type the address of the desired sites in the address bar after each visit to this browser.

Of course, Google Chrome has its own advantages over Samsung Internet, which from These include the feature of translating text using Google Translate. Also, thanks to the Discover feature and based on the searches you have done, you can view related articles in this section. But in general, based on the experience of using both browsers, the pleasure that the user gets when working with the Internet is not available at all on Google Chrome.

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