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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Classic Review

Classic Review, one of Digitala Mag's most nostalgic video programs, is back; With a new shape and image, but at the same time while preserving the elements that you, the constant companions of BingMag Meg, have loved over the years.

"Deldar" and the warm and familiar narration of "Shahin Sharafati" criticize special gadgets in the world of technology every week; Gadgets that many of you may like to buy, but you need a detailed and specialized guide to do so.

After reviewing the Classic Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, this time it's time Let's go to another noisy and of course popular Samsung product; The Galaxy S21 FE, which after months of talk, but if and rumors, was finally launched a while ago, and BingMag, as the first Iranian online store, was able to make this phone available for sale in line with the global supply.

Under the pretext of launching this phone, we also decided to review it in our new Classic and get more acquainted with its features and strengths and weaknesses. The Korean tech giant is considering a 5-nanometer Exynos 2100 processor for the Galaxy S21 FE that comes with eight gigabytes of RAM.

The Galaxy S21 FE features a 6.4-inch dynamic display with a pixel density It reaches a staggering 411 pixels per inch. This display is protected by Gorilla Glass Victos, so in addition to the high quality of the screen, you will also see its very high resistance.

In the camera section, Samsung has three modules of 12 and 8 megapixels for this phone, which Includes wide, telephoto and ultraviolet lenses. Also, the selfie camera of this phone is 32 megapixels and it takes high quality images for you.

Samsung has launched this phone with a 4500 mAh battery that has the ability to charge quickly. Of course, you do not see the charge in the box. To get more acquainted with this phone, we invite you to watch the Classic review of BingMag.

See the product in BingMag

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