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Samsung's 576-megapixel sensor may be available by 2025

BingMag.com Samsung's 576-megapixel sensor may be available by 2025

In recent years, Samsung has paid special attention to camera sensors based on very high resolutions, and in this regard, we can mention the introduction of a 200-megapixel sensor. . Last year, Samsung announced plans to build 600-megapixel sensors, and now, thanks to the unveiling of a conference slide, that goal is likely to be realized by 2025.

Samsung's vice president of automotive affairs A conference in Europe has talked about building 576-megapixel sensors by 2025. Not many details have been revealed about this sensor, but Samsung had previously considered the 500 megapixel resolution to be equivalent to the resolution of the human eye.

BingMag.com Samsung's 576-megapixel sensor may be available by 2025 It should be noted that the 600-megapixel sensors will not be used in the new flagships, and will be used in cars, virtual reality gadgets and drones. On the other hand, the camera resolution of smartphones is also increasing, and for example, phones with 200-megapixel sensors will be on the market soon.

Apart from increasing the resolution, companies such as Samsung and Sony are increasing the size of the camera sensors. There are also those that significantly increase the quality of images. In the meantime, it should be noted that the higher the resolution of the sensor, the more pressure is put on the chipset. In any case, Samsung plans to release a 576-megapixel sensor in the next 4 years, and we have to see if this goal of Samsung will be achieved or not.

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