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Sales of 5G handsets increased dramatically in the first month of 2022

According to the Counterpoint Research Institute, sales of 5G handsets in the first month of 2022 apparently increased significantly compared to last year, according to the Counterpoint Research Institute. The Chinese market also has a large share of According to forecasts from several years ago, the 5G phone market is booming day by day. Although 5G Internet is not yet available in many countries around the world, equipping important markets such as China, the United States and Europe has made it the number of 5G handsets available this year more than 4G models.

Although in Currently, a large part of smartphone sales are 4G phones, but as we know, all the flagships on the market and all the premium and regular intermediaries use 5G internet, and even the iPhone SE 2022 has this feature, which means that it definitely sells. 5G handsets have been much larger than 4G models.

Currently, the only part of the world that still uses 4G Internet is the low-end handsets, which are sometimes available with 4G chips. Of course, it should not be forgotten that Huawei has not produced any 5G phones for a year now, and even its flagships are 4G, because the Chinese company is not allowed to buy 5G processors.

This is the first time we see that 5G phones sell more than 4G Of course, a large part of this is due to Chinese companies and users. According to Counterpoint Research, the latest global smartphone sales show that sales of 5G-enabled models accounted for about 51% of total sales in January this year. Companies such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Riley, OnePlus and many other Chinese companies have increased the number of products marketed with this generation of mobile internet by producing economical phones equipped with this technology.

5G technology in smartphones Used by Samsung in 2019. When it unveiled a version of the Galaxy S10 with an astronomical price of $ 1,300 and 5G internet support. Of course, the number of these phones was limited due to the fact that almost 99% of companies at that time did not use this technology, but now we see that even economical phones have this feature.

As it seems, we should expect By the end of 2023, no more 4G phones will be produced and offered by companies. This means that by the end of that year, all countries should have access to this technology and have the necessary infrastructure to use it. Many countries are currently trying to do this, but it is natural that this process may take some time.

5G internet speed is much faster than 4G, so a large number of users tend to Have to buy such products. Naturally, smartphone companies are aware of this and are increasing the number of their 5G handsets day by day because it is unlikely that there will be many customers for 4G models in another year. Unless another country or countries still have access to this technology, and therefore does not have a logical justification to buy a model with newer technology.

Source: Android Central

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