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The Russian spacecraft once again accidentally rotated the space station

For the second time in less than three months, the unplanned operation of a Russian spacecraft propelled the International Space Station into a sudden spin. The spacecraft that caused the new problem was the Soyuz MS-18, scheduled for October 17 (October 25) by Russian astronaut Oleg Novitskiy and the first space filmmakers, including director Klim Shipenko and "Yulia Peresild" brought the actress back to Earth. Scheduled test before starting, they turned on their engines.

But according to NASA, these engines continued to work unexpectedly after the end of the test window, leading to a loss of control of the station. The International Space Station was at 05:13 Eastern Time (00:43 Tehran time).

The agency noted: The flight regained control of the space station, which is now in a steady state. "The crew was awake at the time of the incident and there was no danger to them."

The International Space Station (ISS) still does not know what caused this unusual long-term fire, and NASA and the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) are investigating the matter. are. It is also unclear why the MS-18 engines stopped operating; The station control team is speculating, though. have arrived. "Moscow is currently examining the matter and analyzing the data." Degree rotated in the circuit. Russian officials identified the problem as a software defect.

They said in a statement on July 30: And led to a change in the overall direction of the collection.

  • Cover photo: Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft after connecting to International Space Station
    Credit: NASA

Source: Space

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