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Russia has asked technology companies to set up an official office in the country

Russia intends to adopt stricter rules than foreign tech companies. Reuters says the country's telecoms regulator has asked 13 foreign and mostly American companies to set up official offices in Russia by 2022 to comply with a law that went into effect on July 1st. The Russian government has stated that companies that do not have official representative offices in the country will be restricted and eventually banned. These technology companies will include Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), Telegram, TickTock and Twitter.

According to Russian government law, Internet companies with more than 500,000 daily users must have an official office in this Have a country. Although some of these companies have an official office in Russia, it is not clear what the Russian government meant by their official presence. Companies that violate this law may be subject to a total ban or restriction on advertising, data collection and transfer of money by Russian authorities.

BingMag.com Russia has asked technology companies to set up an official office in the country

The Russian government intends to enforce this law to have more control over these companies and to have more comprehensive and accurate control over the content published by these technology companies. In the report prepared by this organization, Russia intends to take a step towards upgrading and strengthening its domestic technology sector in the face of US projects. In this regard, Russian officials have had several conflicts with Apple, for example, the accusation of Apple in the App Store case by Russian officials.

This action may also help Russia to Pressure companies to censor content that the government deems objectionable, such as social media posts in support of political opponents of the Putin regime. Russia had previously imposed taxes on foreign companies providing digital services, and reduced taxes on local IT companies. The country has also set requirements for electronic devices sold in Russia.

It seems that the implementation of this law will put technology companies in an even more difficult position. The Russian market is a strong market and no company wants to leave it. But the implementation of this law means censorship of any information against the government of this country. In an interview with Reuters, the Russian Regulatory Authority said that in addition to requiring a representative office in Russia, these companies have a duty to prevent violations of Russian law by restricting access to information and data.

Not to mention that months ago the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) fined Apple $ 12 million for its monopolistic behavior against parental control apps. The organization first launched an investigation into Apple in 2019 after receiving a complaint from Kaspersky about Apple asking the company to limit the capabilities of the Safe Kids app after launching the screen time feature for iOS 12.

BingMag.com Russia has asked technology companies to set up an official office in the country

This fine was announced at the same time as the complaints of the European Regulatory Authority against Apple. The organization's meeting was in response to Spotify's complaint in 2019. Spotify claimed at the time that receiving a 30 percent fee for in-app purchases would give Apple Music service an unfair profit.

According to the New York Times, Kidslox and Qustodio filed a similar complaint with the regulator. Europe. FAS said in a statement released by Reuters that Apple's proprietary applications should not receive unfair profits and that developers of parental control applications should be able to submit their applications without any restrictions.

Source: Engadget

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