RTX 4080 graphics comes in two models with 16 GB and 12 GB memory

As it seems, Nvidia plans to release RTX 4080 graphics in two models with 16GB and 12GB dedicated memory.

BingMag.com RTX 4080 graphics comes in two models with 16 GB and 12 GB memory

As it seems, Nvidia plans to release RTX 4080 graphics in two models with 16GB and 12GB dedicated memory.

According to one of the whistleblowers who works on Twitter with the username Kopite7kimi, Nvidia wants to release RTX 4080, which is the second expected flagship card of the company, in two models. One of these models will have 16 GB of dedicated memory and the other model will have 12 GB. Meanwhile, the RTX 3080 as the previous generation RTX 4080 is available in two models, but with 12 GB and 10 GB dedicated memory. They are not, but Kopite7kimi has a brilliant track record in revealing information about Nvidia's hardware products, and when he confirmed this news, it means we have to look at it more than just a rumor. During the last few weeks, many news related to RTX 4080 and its technical specifications have been published, some of which were completely contradictory. But Kopite7kimi's statements seem to be the most accurate and reliable thing we have now.

According to this whistleblower, the RTX 4080 in its powerful model will use 16 GB of GDDR6 dedicated memory, the bandwidth of which It reaches 736 gigabytes per second. The chip of this graphic is AD103-300 and 9728 Cuda processing cores are placed inside it. The consumption power of this powerful graphic card reaches 350 watts. According to the information recently published about this product, apparently the frequency of RTX 4080 16GB model will be at 2505MHz.

RTX 4080 12GB model is also a more economical example of this model, 192-bit interface. will have so that its memory bandwidth will be accompanied by a significant reduction compared to the 16 GB model and reach 504 GB/s. Among other features of this card, it can be mentioned that it benefits from the AD104-400 chip with 7680 Cuda processing cores and 285 watts power consumption. Since this card is much weaker compared to the 16 GB model, Nvidia has tried to improve the situation by increasing the frequency of its cores by 100 MHz (the frequency of this card reaches 2610 MHz).

From Since RTX 4080 series graphics cards have not been announced, we do not know what price Nvidia has set for them. Of course, according to the prediction of the website of the source of this news, it is possible that Nvidia will release the 16 GB model of this graphics card at a price of $800 or even more, while the 12 GB model may be available at a price of $600-700. This is the same price range of the RTX 3070 Ti graphics.

This policy of Nvidia in the direction of separating its flagship graphics processors may not be to the taste of many users because they think that this company is actually an enhanced card of the RTX series. It sells the XX70 under a new name to attract positive feedback from users. Even some users consider the RTX 4070 Ti to be the same as the RTX 4080 with 12 GB of memory, because apparently there is no special difference between them.

We cannot speak with certainty regarding the graphics of the RTX 40 series because these cards are still officially released. They have not been introduced, but according to the recent rumors that have been published about them, we should expect their performance to be almost 2 times better compared to last year's model. It is even said that RTX 4080 may destroy RTX 3090 with a difference of 50%, but we have to wait for the official release of these cards to be sure of the truth of this claim.

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