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The Rolls-Royce aircraft broke the speed record of electric aircraft

BingMag.com The Rolls-Royce aircraft broke the speed record of electric aircraft

With the efforts to use electricity in the transportation industry, large companies have entered this field and now the Rolls-Royce all-electric aircraft has achieved a record speed. Just two months after the initial flight, the Rolls-Royce "Spirit of Innovation" reached a top speed of 623.4 km/h and tentatively broke the aircraft speed record. It has broken the electric.

Rolls-Royce also announced a top speed of 556 km/h on a 3-kilometer route and a minimum time of 3,000 meters, or 202 seconds. Although these records have not yet been confirmed, if the speed of 556 km/h remains, it will break the current record of 343 km/h held by Siemens "Extra 330LE" by a significant difference of 213 km/h./p>

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Rolls-Royce Aviation Equipment Company conducted these tests on November 16 (November 25) ) Has done. To verify the records, it sends the tests to the International Aviation Federation (FAI), the body responsible for aviation world records. If confirmed, the speed will be official and very impressive. Since the plane made its maiden flight in September, it shows that it can fly even faster with more time.

The Spirit of Innovation is an older model aircraft with wheels. It has a tail with a cockpit that has been pulled back, giving it a quick look as it should. The aircraft is powered by a powerful 750-volt, 400 kW (535 hp) engine, and according to Rolls-Royce, "with 6480 cells, it is the most powerful propulsion battery pack ever assembled in the aerospace industry."

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Cover Photo: Electric Airplane Spirit of Innovation
Credit: Rolls-Royce

Source: Engadget

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