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Roadmap for OnePlus phones leaked; 6 phones before this fall

BingMag.com <b>Roadmap</b> for <b>OnePlus</b> <b>phones</b> <b>leaked;</b> 6 <b>phones</b> <b>before</b> this fall

According to the recently unveiled OnePlus hands-on roadmap, it looks like the Chinese company plans to launch six new handsets in the categories before September. Unplus

OnePlus has grown the number of handsets each year after deciding to manufacture and market series rolling intermediates. Previously, we saw only 3 or finally 4 phones from this company in the market, but later this number reached 5 and more. Now it looks like the Chinese company is now unveiling six new handsets, almost a full season from 2022 until the fall.

OnePlus is getting closer and closer to Oppo and its policies. These companies have very similar policies, similar technologies, the same user interface, and much more in common, but one of the main reasons for this could be the merger of the two. Of course, in China, the supply of OnePlus phones with ColorOS user interface, which was supposed to be used as a single interface between the two companies after the merger, was not very welcomed, and as a result, OnePlus was forced to use its 10 Series phones with the same interface. The popular OxygenOS will hit the global market.

Regardless of this, it seems that this year OnePlus wants to launch many more phones than last year, thus demonstrating the successful performance of last year. Had let go again. So this year we are not only going to see smartwatches or Airbuds, but also a lot of phones are going to be launched in different categories.

According to new rumors in this field, OnePlus wants to have it by the end of September. Unveil six new phones (mid-October). This number is higher than ever and shows that the Chinese company is really determined to compete with the best in the market. Note that in 2022, OnePlus has unveiled two phones, OnePlus 10 Pro and Rolling CE 2, with 6 expected phones, and by the end of September, the number of representatives will reach 7. A remarkable improvement that was quite expected from the OnePlus.

The main reason why we said that the number of representatives of the Chinese company reaches 7 and not 8 is that it is the first phone of the Chinese company OnePlus 10 Pro. This phone was introduced earlier, but it is also set to enter the global market. Therefore, its name appears in the OnePlus 60 list as an expected product, which is expected to officially happen before this month (up to another week).

According to the company's roadmap, we have to wait In April, the CE 2 Lite Rolling OnePlus will be unveiled as an economical phone. Until then, of course, we should expect a lot of news, rumors and speculation about it, which we will cover all of them. In late April or early May, the Rolling Plus 2T will be unveiled as a premium intermediate, and in mid-to-late May (early to mid-May 1401) we will see the Rop Plus 10R. This phone is available as an economical flagship, so it should be at an acceptable level in terms of technical specifications and price. Another premium will be unveiled, which, of course, may be registered by OnePlus Rolling Pro. Of course, it is said that this naming will be like this in a series of markets and not everywhere, some people also believe that we see such a name in all markets, which naturally does not matter much. The latest product in this attractive list is the OnePlus 10 Ultra. The product may be unveiled as the OnePlus 10 Pro Plus in September.

All of these handsets need to be software-optimized, operating system updates need to be tailored to each of them, and many more. Another that will definitely require a lot of time and energy. We hope that OnePlus manages its resources in such a way that it can handle all this work and we, as users, will see attractive products. \

Source: GSMArena

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