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Review of iPhone 13 series phones; Great display, powerful cameras and long battery life

BingMag.com Review of iPhone 13 series phones; Great display, powerful cameras and long battery life

In this article, we will examine the iPhone 13 series phones to see if Apple has been able to produce flagships with high purchase value or not.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 series of phones last week. The handsets will be available in four models: Mini, Standard, Pro and Pro Max, which is exactly the same policy that Apple has implemented for its previous generation phones. But because at least at first glance there is no significant difference between this generation and the previous generation, users may not be able to come to the right conclusion as to whether it makes sense to buy these phones or not. So we decided to turn to the feedback that came from the initial reviews of these phones to answer our question.

It is not surprising to say that all the reviewers were surprised by the good performance of the iPhones. While we are mostly with the same 12-sided iPhone, Apple was able to attract a lot of positive feedback from many users by adding a series of small but decisive features. The advantages of the iPhone 13 series compared to the previous generation include powerful cameras, long battery life, an amazing A15 processor, a 120 Hz display (in both Pro and Pro Max models) and more.

Along with this positive feedback, many believe that these changes are not big enough to persuade the user to buy a new phone, and as a result, many may prefer not to change what they have now to buy a new phone. This is especially true for iPhone 12 owners, who are not significantly different from the new generation. However, the New York Times believes that the new iPhones have made the most small changes (minor but many changes) in the history of Apple phones. But is such a claim true?

Review of the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are definitely better phones than the previous generation, the standard and Pro models of the iPhone 12 series. But how does this difference make sense? In terms of appearance, 99% can be said to see the same old phones; Of course, if we take into account the change in the arrangement of the iPhone 13 camera or the imperceptible enlargement of the camera module in both Pro and Pro Max models and equipping them with a 120 Hz display. So we see that except for one case, the user experience has not changed compared to before. Maybe that's why the New York Times columnist wrote that upgrading the handsets of all companies to the previous generation is a "celebration of capitalism in the form of oppressive minor improvements."

We do not think that the new iPhones will definitely perform better than the iPhone 12 series in doing a number of things. For example, if we talk about hardware performance, we come to the conclusion that in terms of speed, no phone can compete with the iPhone 13; However, if you move from the new iPhone to the iPhone 13, you will not notice much difference.

Unique hardware performance

BingMag.com Review of iPhone 13 series phones; Great display, powerful cameras and long battery life

The A15 chip used in the iPhone 13 has a very high processing power. But unlike previous years, this time the difference between this processor and the A14 is not very noticeable. This was a claim made by one of the reviewers of the Pactline website. "Keep in mind that we are talking about a minor improvement, given that the A15 chip is really fast and low-consumption," he says. Applications run fast, and their performance in computing photography is great. In short, the iPhone 13 Pro does not lag behind in doing anything. Rather, it should be so that we can count on its hardware power in the years to come. Of course, he considers the main update of the iPhone 13 phones to be their camera, display and then the processor.

It should be noted that the A15 chip that Apple used in both the standard and Pro models differs in terms of performance. This happened last year, but this year we see this difference more clearly. Of course, in terms of processing, there was no significant difference between the two products, but the graphics processor of Pro and Pro Max models uses 5 cores, while for standard and mini models, 4-core graphics are used so that users can do things like playing games faster. Or edit the video.

This is not a claim based on the specifications on paper. According to Patrick Holland from CNET's website, the iPhone 13 Pro does not slow down in doing anything, including playing games and editing photos and videos; Even when several apps are running at the same time, we will not see the slightest lag or slowness.

  • Sales of the iPhone 13 series are better than last year's iPhone 12 sales

Excellent cameras

BingMag.com Review of iPhone 13 series phones; Great display, powerful cameras and long battery life

When it comes to camera quality, we see that as always Apple's performance has been excellent. Since the first iPhone with a camera was made, we have never seen these phones be a serious competitor to other phones in terms of photography and video. With each passing year and the introduction of new handsets, the camera performance of iPhones will definitely improve, albeit slightly. But the iPhone 13 has also become more attractive for photography and filming with the addition of a number of new features that we will discuss later.

Cinematic mode; Both good and bad

Since this is a review of the performance of Apple phones, not necessarily a look at its capabilities on paper, so we can give a definite opinion about its capabilities. In the previous article, we wrote that the cinematic mode is one of the most attractive features of the camera in the iPhone 13 series, but user reviews showed that this mode does not have great performance and still needs to get better and better with software updates in the worst case in the next generation./p>

According to a reviewer from the Engadget website, the iPhone's performance in capturing macro images is exceptional in daylight or in low light conditions. Compared to mirrorless cameras with separate macro sensors, there may be nothing to say, but compared to older iPhones, macro mode is a very positive and good change. But cinematic mode requires the best lighting conditions for proper operation. If the lighting conditions are not favorable or you want to shoot at night with this mode, an announcement will be displayed to turn on the phone flash.

If you use the cinematic mode in ideal conditions, you will definitely get a brilliant result. You will witness and be amazed by the recorded film. But sometimes you may encounter excessive blurring of the subject or strange, artificial effects. The Wall Street Journal writer also said he was very excited to try the feature, but was disappointed with the end result.

Although it uses a powerful neural motor to detect subjects, it cannot move properly. Recognize their beginning or end. If you remember, the first time portrait mode was added to the phone's camera, we saw the same problems until things got better over time. Cinematic mode, however, is definitely a more attractive option because it uses moving blur in the film, but it also blurs body parts at the moment and can not make much accurate diagnosis. So we have to wait and see if the software update improves the performance of this mode or we should see an improvement in quality for the next generation.

Better performance in night light

According to a New York writer The Times, which focused more on the photographic quality of the phone, did better in night light than the previous generation: but the difference is not very noticeable. He used a tripod (to make sure the phone is still while not shaking) with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone XS, which, as mentioned, made a difference, but not too much. .

In short, the iPhone 13 and all three other models in this series perform better (very little) in night light photography than the previous generation. Even compared to the iPhone three generations ago, when you want to capture the highest quality images, you will notice a big difference between them. Otherwise, everything looks good at first glance.

120Hz display; Incredibly attractive

BingMag.com Review of iPhone 13 series phones; Great display, powerful cameras and long battery life

One of the advantages of the Pro 13 and Pro Max models of the iPhone 13 in terms of generation They have a past and two standard and mini models, their benefit from the promotion display with unparalleled quality. But the quality is not the whole story, because these monitors also support 120Hz refresh rate to make the enjoyable experience of working with the iPhone even more enjoyable than we knew. Doing things like surfing the web, playing games, navigating through different menus, and anything else you used to experience with 60Hz refresh now gives you a unique feeling.

By The Verge "When I scroll through the iPhone 13 Pro, I can still read the text," Max said of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro review. Previously, these writings were blurred during scrolling. Now everything is smoother and smoother. "It now feels like direct interaction between the finger and the iPhone screen, because the iPhone is able to adjust the refresh rate to the speed at which the hand moves." Holland also told CNET that the animations are now much smoother and their graphics are fresher. It even feels so much better to do ordinary things like scrolling.

Another reviewer says the experience with a 120Hz display is definitely great. But some users will not notice the difference between the two refreshments unless you point them out directly. Like when one does not notice the quality change between a display with HD and FHD + resolution. If you put the iPhone 12 Pro next to the iPhone 13 Pro, the difference will surprise you, but if you buy an iPhone 13 Pro and work with 120Hz refresh rate, you will have a pleasant experience, but you will not notice much change./p>

The Wall Street Journal author, after reviewing all four iPhone 13 models, concluded that the promotion display on both the Pro and Pro Max models was really great and exceptional. He says the 120Hz refresh rate may consume a lot of power, especially when playing games, but it's a really enjoyable experience and has a noticeable effect that can be easily realized.

Long battery life; Best of its kind

BingMag.com Review of iPhone 13 series phones; Great display, powerful cameras and long battery life

Battery life on iPhones has always been a problem until Apple Unveiled iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 series phones, especially the Pro Max model, had an excellent performance in keeping the charge. Of course, it should not be forgotten that at that time, Android flagships were marketed with 120 Hz displays. Hertz.

The same thing happened the following year, but the iPhone 12 and all three models had smaller batteries than before. The iPhone 12 Mini, for example, was literally bad at charging. This bad performance was even more noticeable when we knew that with the purchase of these phones, there was no charger in the box.

But in the Apple iPhone 13 series, it increased the capacity of the batteries by 10 to 20%, and this move caused The iPhone's performance improved tremendously while holding the charge. In the meantime, of course, we should not ignore the impact of the A15 processor, which is much less energy consuming than before. The vast majority of reviewers agree that all four models of the iPhone 13 can accompany users throughout the day on a single charge. So the good news for small phone enthusiasts is on the way.

As you know, the iPhone 12 Mini was not noticed at all, not necessarily because of its small screen, but because of its very weak battery. Of course, it performed relatively well in terms of sales, but sales were much lower than Apple had anticipated, so the Cupertino company even stopped production.

Low from Engadget website after reviewing iPhone 13 He said that the phone lasted even two days in terms of charge maintenance with normal use. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Mini also performed better than last year's model and was able to stay on for almost a day with normal operating pressure, which is a very good improvement.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max also have larger batteries Compared to the previous generation, they are able to easily meet the needs of users one day, according to CNET in the Netherlands. Even when he's been photographing and filming for a long time, the two phones still perform well on charge retention. "The change that is likely to have the greatest impact on users' daily lives and their interactions with smartphones is battery life. On a day when we pushed the phone to record multiple 4K videos at maximum brightness, it still managed to maintain a 20% charge from early morning until 11 p.m. This was while the monitor on the brightness of the screen reported 4 hours of heavy work. "The day I put less pressure on the phone, it took 7 hours for the phone to send a recharge warning."

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