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A researcher claims to have seen a UFO underwater in Google Earth!

BingMag.com A <b>researcher</b> <b>claims</b> to <b>have</b> <b>seen</b> a <b>UFO</b> <b>underwater</b> in <b>Google</b> Earth!

A strange and interesting event! researcher thinks that through Google Earth he was able to find a UFO that sank under the Pacific Ocean.

It has preoccupied him and has not gone out of his mind so far. That's why there are so many people eagerly following the news, and some claiming to have seen a UFO, whether false or true (which is very unlikely in the latter case).

The claim made about it is completely new and strange. A UFO researcher has recently claimed to have observed a UFO in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Earlier this month, Scott Waring shared the results of his observations with the press. He said he had found such a strange thing while browsing Google Earth.

The hypothesis that aliens exist has always been of interest to many people. Using mathematical and physical formulas, some researchers and scientists have theoretically proven that alien life exists on distant planets, and this has led some interested people to link every strange object they see to UFOs and alien life. they know. Some believe that space creatures have traveled to Earth, and this is the main reason why they see so many UFOs. Some people even think that octopuses are a kind of space creature.

It doesn't matter which way we look. On the other hand, the story of the sunken UFO is also very interesting and audible. Waring reports that the product is a black circle located 480 miles off the coast of Nazca. According to Waring, the UFO is 5 miles wide and is located deep in the ocean. He also says the UFO has something to do with Peru's beaches because it sank near the same shoreline.

How can Nazca beaches be associated with space aliens and UFOs?

Nazca Coastlines are actually a group of rock paintings in the Nazca Desert. Archaeologists have long linked these lines together so that they could communicate with the gods of the sky. Others, however, believe that these lines are used for observations of space objects and cosmology. Unfortunately, because these works are so old, one can never really understand their true meaning.

Waring thinks that the gods that the Nazca people tried to communicate with were the same space creatures. It is not possible to say for sure whether Waring is right or that his hypotheses are wrong, but there is currently no evidence that the space aliens were in fact the gods of the thin sky.

Has the existence of space aliens been proven?

Waring is adamant that what he saw was a UFO. He even wrote in a post that the disk, which is buried at the bottom of the ocean, is a 100% sign of the presence of space aliens and that advanced technology is in exactly the same place. To attract those who are interested in this subject, but this can not be good evidence at all to say that there are space aliens. We can not say for sure that what was observed was a UFO. It is possible that this object is a natural thing that is located in the depths of the ocean and is in the shape of a UFO. Naturally, without evidence, we can not say that these statements are true or false.

There may be space creatures. However, this universe is very large and large, and we are only a small part of it. We do not know at all what awaits beyond this universe for human civilization or a more advanced civilization to discover and realize its truth. But for now, even scientifically based scientists' attempts to find space creatures have been in vain.

What do you think about this? Do you believe in the alien or real life of this UFO?

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