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Research shows that the iPhone can be hacked even when turned off!

According to Euronews, a study shows that hackers can hack iPhones even when they are turned off.

The iPhone's Bluetooth chip seems to be so vulnerable that it allows hackers to enter even when the phone is turned off, and they can install malware on the system. This security breach is actually a side effect of the iOS 15 update, which allows iPhone users to use Bluetooth waves even when it is turned off. Now it's interesting to know that Apple has made this feature in order to make it easier for users to find a lost or stolen iPhone in iOS 15 to actually improve the security of its users, but we see that this has the opposite effect, because when the phone is turned off The chip remains on to send the signal.

There has been no word yet on a user's iPhone being hacked because of this security breach, but Darmstadt University said in a statement that not much could be done. Rely on modern iPhones for security, even when turned off. They have also informed Apple about this issue, but apparently the American company is not willing to react.

Researchers have said that ordinary users should not worry too much because no one hacks them at all. But government officials or journalists and people close to them may be targeted by hackers. The important point here is that since the iPhone 11, Apple has made hardware changes, established a connection between the Bluetooth chip and the battery, and now with a software update can not change it. It only needs to launch future iPhones with a newer design so that this connection is disconnected after the phone is turned off or placed in airplane mode.

Source: Euronews

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