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The rendering of the Apple Watch 8 Series indicates a slight change in the speaker

BingMag.com The rendering of the Apple Watch 8 Series indicates a slight change in the speaker

When the Apple Watch 7 Series was unveiled in September this year, many experts were amazed to see the versatility of this wearable gadget. . In addition, several renderings that they released before the official introduction of the Apple Watch 7 Series showed a version of Apple's smartwatch with smooth edges similar to the design of the 2020 iPhone 12. While Apple increased the screen size of this smartwatch to 41 and 45 mm, the design language of this smartwatch did not change much. Now, the rendering of Apple's new series of smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 8, has been released, which we will review.

The rendering of the Apple Watch Series 8 shows a slight change in the speaker section of this wearable gadget

BingMag.com The rendering of the Apple Watch 8 Series indicates a slight change in the speaker

In these pictures, it is clear that the long speaker in the body of the watch changes to two smaller parallel speakers. Last month, Ross Yang, an in-house expert in the smartwatch display industry, announced that in 2022, in addition to the three different Apple Watch models, we may see larger screens in these smartwatches.

According to a published rendering, Apple The 8 Series watch has rounded and curved edges. So those who talk about the smooth edge design of the Apple Watch 8 Series may be wrong. However, it is too early to discuss these issues with complete confidence. Among the new features of this wearable gadget, we can expect body temperature scanner, fertility sensor and ECG improvement and sleep tracking sensors at this time.

According to reports, Apple is working on a blood sugar sensor. Which can help millions of insulin-dependent diabetics use a non-blood sampling method to test their blood sugar. This is a painful and costly test that should be done before eating so that a diabetic knows how much insulin to inject.

Currently, diabetics need to have a drop of their blood on a test strip. Drop the glucometer to let the blood glucose meter read. An accurate glycemic sensor without the need to draw blood or pay for a disposable test strip is a feature that could double the popularity of this smartwatch if it is available on the Apple Watch 8 Series. Samsung is also rumored to be working on a blood sugar sensor for its smartwatch series. From its smartwatch in 2014, it became the most popular watch in the world. With the production of its smartwatch series, this American technology giant was able to overtake famous watchmakers such as Rolex, Casio and Timex and establish itself as one of the world's leading watchmakers. The Apple Watch is also known for its health-related features that have saved many lives. One of the unique features of this smartwatch is the heart rate control that many users use.

In addition to the heart rate sensor, the fall detection feature is also available by calling emergency services and contacts. When the smartwatch detects that the user is crashing and does not respond to requests, it prevents premature death and sends the location information to their specific contacts.

BingMag.com The rendering of the Apple Watch 8 Series indicates a slight change in the speaker

The latest Apple Watch series, the Apple Watch Series 7, also has good usability. The changes that Apple has made to the Apple Watch are more in line with the design language of the iPhone and iPad. That means it has become a bit flatter and at the same time more beautiful.

Like the previous generation, the Apple Watch 7 Series is produced in two models, but this time with 41 and 45 mm sizes. The previous generation, on the other hand, had sizes of 40 and 44 mm, respectively. So users will now have more space to work with new watches. The biggest change Apple has made in this new watch is the case itself.

The Apple Watch 7 Series has a larger display and supports a full QWERTY keyboard called QuickPath. The device also measures the number of times a user breathes during sleep and, according to Apple, charges 33% faster than the previous generation. The 45-minute charge of the Apple Watch 7 Series battery increases from 0 to 45%. It remains to be seen what new design and functionalities the Apple Watch 8 Series will enter the global market for wearable gadgets in September next year.

Source: Phonearena

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