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With the relocation of the Soyuz spacecraft, the space station was prepared for the arrival of Russian filmmakers

BingMag.com With the relocation of the Soyuz spacecraft, the space station was prepared for the arrival of Russian filmmakers

Three astronauts today moved the Russian Soyuz manned capsule to another port on the International Space Station to join another Soyuz manned capsule that members They are a film crew, open up.

Oleg Novitsky, commander of Soyuz MS-18 and astronaut of the Russian Space Agency, took the capsule in just over 40 minutes with his compatriot Piotr Pyotr Dubrov and Mark Vande Hei led NASA astronauts to the new location. NASA spokesman Rob Navias described the operation as a "perfect connection." Rassvet detached and was 45 meters away. He then performed the rotation maneuver and moved up to 120 meters away from the International Space Station.

But as planned, another goal was pursued in this operation, so the Soyuz capsule slightly shifted its direction towards the American part of the International Space Station. Changed. The purpose was to produce new photographs and video of the entire orbital laboratory. Tehran time) The Soyuz capsule was connected to the active port of the new space station module laboratory, which started operating in recent weeks.

Navias said: The MS-19 is ready next week. "There will be a lot of work on the International Space Station over the next few days." From the Naoka connection to the station, a problem with the propulsion system and telemetry caused the module engines to suddenly turn on, resulting in an unexpected rotation of the space station.

  • The space station International may be in serious trouble due to sudden rotation

Despite warnings from experts about the consequences of this rotation, it seems that everything is fine in the ISS and this space station for It is preparing for the first time since 2009 to welcome its two non-space crews. Russian actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko are scheduled to arrive on October 5 Mehr) Join Russian astronaut Anton Shkaplerov on the space station.

Lemi will record "The Challenge" to make the first feature film ever shot in space. The two filmmakers are scheduled to return with the previous Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft on October 17 (October 25). They will remain an international space. Wanda Hee will have the record for the longest American space flight since his return.

Done and loaded, returns to Earth. The operation is scheduled for Thursday, September 30, at 09:05 Eastern Time (16:35 Tehran time).

Cover Photo: Russian Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft while moving to the space station International
Credit: NASA

Source: Space

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