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Refueling of the Arian 5 rocket to launch the James Webb Telescope has begun

So far, everything seems to be ready for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope today, and this valuable scientific tool is well on its way to launching a space trip.

With just a few hours to go before the historic launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, refueling of the Arian 5 launcher has begun. NASA announced the news at 11:34 a.m. Tehran time, announcing a nighttime wait (Eastern Time Zone). The promised moment arrives at the beginning of Christmas and James Webb embarks on a challenging and breathtaking space journey. It has its own kilometer to the final orbit, around Lagrangian point 2, commonly known as L2.

The agency has a detailed plan to deploy the space Telescope over a period of about two weeks. This process involves hundreds of single deployments that are controlled from the ground in great detail and precision. In this way, the time and duration of the deployment may change at each stage.

  • See the breathtaking path of the James Webb Space Telescope from historic launch to deployment li>

The launch process of the James Webb Space Telescope on the first day is as follows:

The first hour of the James Webb launch

  • 15:50 launch li>
  • about 9 minutes after launch: separation of the main stage of the rocket
  • about 27 minutes after launch: separation of the upper stage of the rocket
  • about 33 minutes after launch: opening Solar Array

The first day of James Webb's launch

  • About 12.5 hours after launch: Mid-route correction fire
  • About 1 Day after launch: Opening and motion test of the spacecraft gimbal antenna

This news will be updated.

Cover Photo: Arian 5 rocket just hours before launch of James Webb Space Telescope
Credit: NASA

Sources: NASA, Space

Source: Engadget

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