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The recent problem with Instagram is global and not just related to Samsung phones

BingMag.com The recent problem with Instagram is global and not just related to Samsung phones

According to various reports published by users, apparently the problem that some owners of Samsung phones have found with Instagram is global and It has been created for users of other phones as well.

A few days ago, it was reported that the Instagram app had a problem with Samsung phones, but it seems that this problem is only related to Android and More precisely, it is not a Samsung phone and it has even involved iOS users. So if the Instagram app on your Samsung phone has a problem, know that you are not alone.

In the last few days, there have been many reports that there is a problem with the Instagram app, and this time we are witnessing a recurrence. Facebook and WhatsApp apps don't seem to have much of a problem, and what users are complaining about is just Instagram. Of course, it is said that this problem is not very serious and will be solved in the next updates of this application. But it is not clear when we should see the release of the update.

According to the reports received, it seems that Indian users were most affected by this problem, but this is not the case, and users in other regions also had problems with Instagram. The problem we are talking about is not only related to the proper implementation of the application and has disrupted the use of Instagram in general; From creating a new account to viewing the message directly, sending the message, viewing the story, and so on.

It seems that users of different phones have found various problems with Instagram, and perhaps in some models See only one instance of what was said. However, you should know that your device, whether Samsung, other Android or iOS phones, or the Internet connection has no problem, and it is the Instagram service itself that has the problem.

Instagram is still a special statement Has not published about this problem and its solution, but it seems that the service itself will return to the good conditions before Instagram wants to do something!

Source: SamMobile

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