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5 reasons why you should try Firefox on Android

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>try</b> <b>Firefox</b> on Android

Almost all Android users use the Google Chrome browser. As you probably know, all Android phones that use Google's software services also have a Chrome browser, which is why it has a very important advantage over competitors. However, there are several options for browsers, one of the best of which is Firefox. Firefox's history goes back many years, but many users do not know that this browser is provided for Android as well as computers. If you are one of the users who have not used Firefox browser on their Android phone, here are some reasons to try this attractive and powerful browser.

1. Plugins Support

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>try</b> <b>Firefox</b> on Android

Many users think that they can only use PC-specific browsers Take advantage of different plugins. Although the number of these plugins in the Android version of Firefox is not as large as the desktop version of this browser, but in general you can choose from several useful options. Among these plugins, for example, we can mention things like ad blocking tools, password management and several privacy enhancement tools.

2. Advanced Firewall Prevention Capabilities

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>try</b> <b>Firefox</b> on Android

Firefox browsers Shows the privacy of users and the same approach has been implemented for the Android version. One of the most important features of the desktop version of Firefox is Enhanced Tracking Protection, which fortunately has been extended to the Android version as well.

This tool protects you against ad trackers, sites that use your gadgets to extract passwords. And protects cookies that monitor your activity on various sites. It should also be noted that blocking all of these items usually speeds up the loading of sites. This feature is enabled by default, but you can enable Strict mode if you want to be more strict.

3. Better Tab Management

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>try</b> <b>Firefox</b> on Android Tabs are a key feature of all browsers, but if you are a user who usually opens a lot of tabs, their management usually becomes a difficult task. The Android version of Firefox allows you to easily group different tabs. This means that if you are doing research to do something, you can simply put all the tabs related to this topic together and you no longer need to bookmark them.

4. Placing the address bar at the bottom

BingMag.com 5 <b>reasons</b> why <b>you</b> <b>should</b> <b>try</b> <b>Firefox</b> on Android

Such a feature may seem small and insignificant, But using it has a great impact on improving the user experience. In short, in the Android version of Firefox, you can place the address bar at the bottom of the user interface, which is especially important for phones with large screens. Although Google tested the idea several times, it was never made available to the general public. It should be noted that even the Safari browser has this feature.

5. Does not belong to Google

Many Firefox users choose just because it does not belong to Google. The truth is that if you use Android phones, Google has access to a huge amount of your information. On the other hand, using Chrome, you increase the amount of information sent to Google's servers.

As we said, Firefox pays special attention to the privacy of its users, and if you want less information to reach Google, you can use Firefox browser on your phone. Of course, you need to do more than just stop using Chrome, but using Firefox is the first step. It should also be noted that if you are using a Firefox browser on your computer, you can use the mobile version to sync different information between the two versions for a better experience.

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