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6 reasons why we should not move to Windows 11

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> not <b>move</b> to <b>Windows</b> 11

In this article, we will examine 6 reasons why we should not download and install Windows 11 despite all the positive and practical changes.


If you want to continue the old-fashioned feel of working with Windows, it is recommended that you do not think too much about installing Windows 11, as this operating system gives you a whole new experience that may make You did not like it very much. Of course, we do not mean just a special case, but new changes made in Windows 11 that have been applied in several different sections and have completely affected the user experience.

Usually Changes made to different versions of Windows are not to the liking of users. You probably remember how much criticism and attack it received when Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, and even a few years after the release of Windows 10, it was still Windows 7 that became the most popular Microsoft operating system among users until Microsoft announced It no longer supports Windows 7. In fact, it can be said that it forced users to quit Windows 7.

Of course, Windows 10, thanks to several updates released by Microsoft, is really a better operating system and is very popular with users. . Let's face it, Windows 11, although it has undergone revolutionary changes compared to the previous generation, has not been so much criticized. But this does not mean that the operating system is flawless. As a result, we decided to address a series of reasons that make us still appreciate Windows 10 and not think too much about upgrades.

Before we look at these reasons, we should also mention a series of points . First, companies aim to upgrade their operating system so that users can buy a new system. If you remember, after Microsoft officially released Windows 11, it announced that it only supported systems with certain conditions (8th generation processors and above). Because it is only by upgrading the system that they can make more money.

As a current user of Windows 11, I can say that I largely agree with this article and many of the reasons. . It's just the installation of a lot of apps and sync that makes me think of installing Windows 10. Not because Windows 11 is a terrible operating system, but because I feel that I see less stability and good quality that I experienced in Windows 10 in this Windows. I mean, it wasn't like he wanted to convince me to get out of Windows 10 anymore. Some users even believe that Windows 10 has received features over the years of updates that Windows 11 has completely destroyed.

However, when it comes to Let's examine these 6 reasons, you can more easily decide whether they are logical or not.

1. You may need a new system

As mentioned above, when Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 11, it was reminded that users must have hardware in order to use it. Which supports TPM security chip. The easiest way is for users to use 8th generation or newer processors. CPU upgrades will sometimes be from generation to generation, which means users may even have to upgrade their motherboard model. As a result, you may have to spend a lot of money to install Windows.

Another problem is knowing that sometimes even if you have a TPM chip, you probably may not be able to get Windows 11 if your processor is not new. Install. In addition, if your processor is 32-bit, it will not be possible to install new Windows on it because it must be a 64-bit processor. So in the first place, Windows 11 seems to be the sole purpose of persuading users to upgrade their hardware.

Windows 10 Task is better and more functional

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> not <b>move</b> to <b>Windows</b> 11

Windows 10 Taskbar is much more practical and better and even lets you Allows you to place it in different parts of the page such as top, left, right or bottom. An interesting customization feature that is really important to many users, but Windows 11 does not have much flexibility in this area. Of course, the positive point at least is that you can make changes in the settings menu, at least in the middle of the icons to the left to get the same feeling of Windows 10, in other words, all other windows.

a Another thing is that in Taskbar, you can no longer add a specific event to the calendar. It is not possible to drag applications and add them to the taskbar, and the user must right-click on an app each time and add it to the taskbar. However, it is said that Microsoft is trying to bring this feature back to Windows 11 during an update. Also with Right-click on the taskbar, you will no longer see the full and comprehensive menu of Windows 10, and to enter the resulting task, you must use the shortcut keys (control + shift + Esc).

3. Windows 10 Start Menu is Better

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> not <b>move</b> to <b>Windows</b> 11

After Microsoft removed the popular Start Menu with Windows 8 , Was so criticized that the American company was forced to bring it back in Windows 10. This Start menu is much more complete and comprehensive than what we saw in previous Windows, but it is also simple and functional. But in Windows 11, everything seems so crowded, that after a few months of use, I still do not get used to it because I do not actually use it at all. Also, by clicking on the Start menu, you could access various sections, including settings, but in Windows 11 there is no news of these options.

4. Experience working with tablet in Windows 11 is not as good as Windows 10

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> not <b>move</b> to <b>Windows</b> 11

Microsoft claims experience working with Windows 11 It has improved on the tablet, but in various reviews we have seen that this is not the case at all. At least compared to Windows 10, which has nothing to say. In Windows 10, by swiping from left to right, the very useful Task View and Action Center feature (another great feature, but omitted in Windows 11) is displayed. To close an app, just swipe down or flip it across. But in Windows 11, there are so many gestures that you have to work with several fingers. In other words, these gestures are now very confusing.

5. There is no news about Action Center

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> not <b>move</b> to <b>Windows</b> 11 BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> not <b>move</b> to <b>Windows</b> 11

Action Center is one of the best parts Windows 10 is considered to have unfortunately crashed in Windows 11 because Microsoft tried to make it a little more private. In Windows 10, you click on a specific section to enter the menu, but in Windows 11, everything is integrated, so that when you click on the calendar and clock section next to each other, a menu opens for you. It can include both a calendar and various notifications. That is, it actually opens a menu that you do not need sections at all. Simply put, Windows 11 is not useful at all in this area compared to Windows 10.

6. Right-click menu is not as complete as it should be

BingMag.com 6 <b>reasons</b> why we <b>should</b> not <b>move</b> to <b>Windows</b> 11

In Windows 11, Microsoft right-click options Changed to a specific application or icon that is displayed to you so that a series of new options are added to it and a series of options are merged with other options. Of course, when you right-click on an option, the old menus will still be displayed, but only if you click on the last option in the initial list (Show More Options). However, the question arises, what is it? If everything is going to get better, why should there be two different menus?

No rush; Windows 10 will continue to be supported until 2025

If you're worried that Microsoft does not support Windows 10 and want to move to Windows 11, we'll say no. The American company has announced that it will support this operating system until 2025. So it is better to wait until this operating system is fully mature and stable in all respects, then install it. Because users are still giving feedback to Microsoft, the company is constantly trying to make up for a number of shortcomings by providing software updates. So by not installing this operating system, you do not lose anything special.

As a Windows user, you have every right to consider the above reasons as irrational and inadequate. With all these interpretations, this version of Microsoft operating system also has its own advantages, such as beautification and support for Android apps, which are also important and good features. Whether they are persuasive or not is a decision you have to make.

Source: PCMag

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