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The quality of the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera will be much higher than the S21 Ultra

BingMag.com The <b>quality</b> of the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>Ultra</b> <b>camera</b> will be <b>much</b> <b>higher</b> <b>than</b> the <b>S21</b> Ultra

It seems that the quality of the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera will be much better than the Galaxy S21 Ultra, thanks to the new image processing chip.


News at a glance

  • Apparently the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be much better in terms of image quality than the current generation.
  • Improved performance of this phone compared to the previous generation Thanks to their new image processor.
  • It's not clear which model (Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 8 generation 1) is one of these phones.

Samsung is going to be around for almost two months Unveil other Galaxy S22 series phones. The best phone in this series will be the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is said to have a lot of features because the Korean company wants to launch this phone as a replacement for both the Note series and the S series. This means that the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is even referred to on some websites as the Galaxy S22 Note, is not just going to replace the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but will be sold as the new flagship of the Note series.

Among the features that The Galaxy S22 Ultra is considered to be a representative of the Note series, it is a support and storage compartment that we have only seen in the new series phones. On the other hand, the design of this phone is smooth and angular instead of being more curved in the corners. That's exactly the design that was only intended for the Galaxy Note series. It is said that it will have very good changes compared to the previous generation, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. According to the information that has been released so far about the Galaxy S22 Ultra (or Note), it seems that Samsung wants to use the same sensor for the main camera of this phone that it used in the Galaxy S21 Ultra; Of course, this "same" only goes back to the size of the sensor, which is 108 megapixels, otherwise the Korean company has made a series of improvements to this sensor so that its new flagship can capture better images in different lighting conditions.

ago We knew that the third generation of the ISOCELL HM3 108-megapixel sensor was going to be used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but we did not hear from any news agency or revelation how much there is a difference between the two models in terms of image quality. But yesterday, one of the most famous technology revealers, Ice Universe, claimed that the difference between the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S21 Ultra will be noticeable. On paper, however, the changes seem small and imperceptible.

What seems to make such a difference between the two series is the performance of the new image processor on the powerful chips. Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 generation 1 are used. Of course, the Exynos 2200 has not been officially unveiled yet, so we do not know how much better it will be in terms of photography than the previous generation. On the other hand, the 1G Snapdragon 8 is used in the Motorola Edge X30, but a detailed review of this phone has not been published yet to make sure that this Qualcomm chip works in terms of photography. But according to Ice Universe, we's apparently have to wait for a lot of progress in this generation.


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