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Qualcomm unveiled four mid-range chipsets

Qualcomm unveiled four mid-range chipsets just hours ago that deal with two brand new chipsets and two Plus models. The three chips in this list use a 5G modem, and all four models will soon be used in a variety of mid-range phones.

Snapdragon 778G strong> Plus

Snapdragon 778G is very popular among mid-range phones, and its Plus model naturally offers more power. The core of this chip offers a speed of 2.5 GHz (compared to 2.4 GHz) and its GPU is 20% faster. Other specifications of this chipset are no different from the original model.

Snapdragon 695

This chip replaces the Snapdragon 690, which now supports 5G millimeter waves. Among the improvements we can mention a 15% increase in CPU speed and a 30% increase in GPU speed. Qualcomm also used 6nm technology to make the chip, but the previous generation was based on 8nm technology.

BingMag.com Qualcomm unveiled four mid-range chipsets

Snapdragon 680

The Snapdragon 680, unlike the other chipsets on this list, does not have a 5G modem. Overall, this chip is very similar to the Snapdragon 665, but instead of 11nm manufacturing technology, 6nm technology is used, and we should also mention the support for a 90Hz display with FHD + resolution and 5.1 Bluetooth. On the other hand, the Snapdragon 665 uses the X12 modem, but this new chipset is based on the X11 modem.

Snapdragon 480 Plus

Snapdragon 480 Plus like the model The core is based on 8nm manufacturing technology, but the processor and GPU offer more speed. Other features of this chip include support for 1080p + displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition, thanks to the X51 modem, support for millimeter waves and frequencies below 6 GHz 5G is possible. Use yourself. Oppo is also looking to use the Snapdragon 695, and Xiaomi plans to install the 695 and 778G Plus chips in its handsets.

It is not yet clear when the first handsets based on these chips will hit the market. Of course, since the Plus models are not very different from their original models, phones equipped with these chips will probably be introduced sooner.

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Source: GSM Arena

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