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Qualcomm became the global sponsor of Manchester United

BingMag.com <b>Qualcomm</b> <b>became</b> the <b>global</b> <b>sponsor</b> of <b>Manchester</b> United

After Team Viewer, now it's Qualcomm's turn to enter one of the heaviest and most challenging stages of its career and sponsor a big club like Manchester United.

Manchester United, if it is not the most popular team in the world, is definitely one of the most popular if an organization or company sponsors it, although it has to pay a high price to the team, but thanks to the fans, it also benefits a lot from this cooperation. Takes. The estimated number of fans of this great club reaches 1.1 billion people worldwide, which is not low at all and will definitely bring good things to the sponsor company.

Manchester currently has many sponsors. but has decided to add Qualcomm to them. The managers of this club are very smart and professional in signing heavy contracts with sponsor parties; In such a way that they want the most profit for the team and this is what made our hearts burn for Qualcomm.

If you have followed the Manchester United games, you will see that Team Viewer is its sponsor. This company made a lot of profit during the Corona era, and in a strange move, it decided to take several steps beyond its limits and become a sponsor of Manchester. Now, it is left with an amount that is several times its capacity, and it has to pay it to the Red Devils by 2026.

You might say to yourself, how is Qualcomm, which produces chips, going to get to know someone through advertising? and why should it be known at all when there is no special product in the market. We also don't think that the company wants to say that our processors are used in laptops, phones and smart watches, but apparently the American company wants to promote its services such as Snapdragon Insider and Snapdragon Spaces XR. Also, since Qualcomm also operates in the field of network and internet, it apparently signed a contract with Manchester United to improve the internet speed in and around the Theater of Dreams, i.e. Old Trafford.

Now this How profitable things are going to be for Qualcomm if the company decides to sponsor Manchester United remains to be seen. Team Viewer, which did not have a good fate at all, we hope that Qualcomm will not suffer the same.

Source: NotebookCheck

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