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A puppet cow watches over the Chinese space station!

BingMag.com A puppet cow watches over the Chinese space station!

The Chinese cargo spacecraft, which was connected to the Chinese space station in the past few days, has taken a puppet cow with it to the station. The next astronauts will be the only passengers on the station!

The first astronauts on China's Tiangong space station returned to Earth last week, and there are currently no astronauts on the Chinese space station, but the lab has a passenger orbiter that It has been reached on the latest cargo mission.

Cameras from China's Tianzhou 3 cargo spacecraft show that in addition to six tons of equipment, a red toy cow has also arrived at Tianzhou Station. Is. On September 20 (September 29), Tianzhou was connected to the Tianhe module, which is the core of the Tianongong space station. By sending the necessary equipment, the spacecraft prepared the station for the Shenzhou 13 mission crew, which will leave on October 16 (October 24).

Probably the cow doll was chosen for this reason. This year is the year of the cows, following the 12-year sequence of animals according to the Chinese calendar. Contrary to what is seen on US space missions, such as Inspiration 4, where Polish dolls are a marker of zero gravity and float in their gravity, this Chinese puppet is attached to the spacecraft wall. However, we may see it move after the new crew arrives.

BingMag.com A puppet cow watches over the Chinese space station!


This is not the first time a doll has appeared on the Chinese space station. Shenzhou 12 astronaut Liu Boming had taken a small teddy cow with him to the station, which returned to Earth with the astronauts on September 17.

The trip also landed the Pakistani national flag, which was flown in space, and was handed over to the Pakistani embassy in Beijing during a special ceremony. According to reports, the space trip of this flag was done due to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The event also highlighted the expansion of space cooperation between the two countries in the future.

Another Chinese manned mission called "Shenzhou 14" will be launched around May 2022, which will be the year of the tiger. So we should expect a tiger doll to be on this mission. The Chinese space station is currently under development and is expected to be completed by the end of next year. p>

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