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6 products that we expect Samsung to launch in 2022

BingMag.com 6 <b>products</b> <b>that</b> we <b>expect</b> <b>Samsung</b> to <b>launch</b> in 2022

After the Galaxy S22 series, the volume of rumors and news about the products that are going to be released after these phones increased day by day. As a result, we decided to take a look at the six products that are expected to be unveiled by Samsung this year.

So far this year has been a busy year for Samsung. In the very first month of the year, the Korean company was forced to unveil the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, which was supposed to hit the market several months ago in 2021, but for some reason this did not happen. The Galaxy S22 series was unveiled in three models: Standard, Plus and Ultra. At the same event, we saw the unveiling of three new tablets in similar models from the S8 Tab series. Shortly afterwards, the Galaxy Book laptops and a few days ago the Galaxy A series mid-range mid-range Galaxy A73, Galaxy A53 and A33 were unveiled.

Remaining and Samsung will definitely hold a lot more events to unveil its new products. Now the question arises, what are these products and when are they going to be unveiled and offered? What we do know is that the Korean company is launching 100% new products. But in order to be able to access the exact date of their unveiling, we must refer to the available evidence from the company's previous plans, as well as the news and rumors that have been published so far in this regard, because nothing specific is available in this regard.>

In the following, we will take a look at 6 products that will most likely, or better to say, definitely be present in Samsung's plans. 90% of them will definitely be introduced this year and 10% of them may be introduced next year. Of course, this is in a situation where the company's plans do not undergo major changes due to unforeseen problems. Otherwise, items such as smartwatches, clamshells, Airbus, new handsets and the like should be unveiled. But we will introduce these 6 products.

1. Galaxy Watch 5

BingMag.com 6 <b>products</b> <b>that</b> we <b>expect</b> <b>Samsung</b> to <b>launch</b> in 2022

The first product that we expect Samsung to unveil is the Galaxy Watch 5. Last August, the Korean company unveiled the classic Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 as the first smartwatches with the rich WearOS operating system, which should be considered the only competitor to Apple WatchOS in order to compete with Apple in this field. Google and Samsung worked closely together to design the operating system, and eventually the patent for the operating system was granted to Samsung for a year, making it the only company to do so. During this one year, have the right to use this operating system. One of the benefits of this close cooperation between the two big companies, Google and Samsung, is the unparalleled welcome of users of the Galaxy Watch 4 series smartwatches. Also, in terms of software, these watches have worked extremely well and are compatible with many good, high-quality applications, as they are now open on the Play Store.

Of course, we expected more capabilities from this operating system on the Galaxy. Let's look at the new watches, such as Google Assistant, which was not available at the time of the Samsung Watch. Of course, this will change in the coming months. It seems that the next model, the Galaxy Watch 5, will apparently be equipped with the features we like. More versatile health features, a better display, a lower-consumption, faster processor, Google-based software features, longer battery life, and many other good things that make this or that product one of the most anticipated products of the year. Unfortunately, we have not heard much about the expected Galaxy Watch so far, except for a report from the Korean website ETNews, which claimed that the Galaxy Watch 5 will use a body temperature sensor to combat the Corona virus and pre-infection symptoms. . It is also said that the processor used in this generation will be much less expensive. It remains to be seen what more news will be published in this regard in the coming days.

2. The new Galaxy Buds

BingMag.com 6 <b>products</b> <b>that</b> we <b>expect</b> <b>Samsung</b> to <b>launch</b> in 2022

Samsung has seen tremendous growth in the field of wearable gadgets in recent years. The high quality of the Korean company's products along with the reasonable price and the extraordinary coordination between them and the Samsung ecosystem have made users more inclined to buy them. One of the same products that Samsung has introduced in the last year or two is a very good example of this kind of way, is the Galaxy Buds. AirPads Pro is available. Samsung unveiled its new winds in August over the past two years, so it is possible that in 2022 we will see the unveiling of new winds in August. question But here is whether Samsung is considering a new version as the successor to the Galaxy Buds Pro as its premium gadget in this regard, or whether it wants to unveil the successor to the Galaxy Buds 2 or Galaxy Buds Live? Maybe products were unveiled as a replacement for all three models!

Regardless of the model, new airbags are definitely under construction. The news was published on the reputable website of Galaxy Clubs, claiming that Samsung is working on making new airbags. Even the battery specifications of the products attributed to the new windshield wipers can be seen on the Korean certification website, so we can be somewhat confident in this news. And let's not say anything in the past, we can not say for sure what wind is going to hit the market this year. But if the Korean company unveils a successor to the Galaxy Buds Pro, which makes more sense given that the Buds Pro is the premium model and the company's current flagship, we'd love to see what changes it's appearance and capabilities from the previous generation. And whether the quality of its noise cancellation will be better than before.

products like the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch have become more popular these days and have become an integral part of smartphones. These days, companies are also trying to consider attractive features as a result of the connection that is established between these products and smartphones, so that users are forced to go to them to experience new and enjoyable things. On the other hand, removing the handsfree out of the box has made us almost certain that new winds will hit the market this year.

This strategy has worked very well for Apple and has brought huge profits. Certainly, Samsung, as the company that copies these strategies from Apple face to face, should pay special attention to this sector and launch more products every year.

3. Galaxy Z Flip 4

BingMag.com 6 <b>products</b> <b>that</b> we <b>expect</b> <b>Samsung</b> to <b>launch</b> in 2022

Galaxy Z Flip 4 may be Samsung's most anticipated product to hit the market this year Be. Currently, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, with its excellent performance and progress compared to the previous generation, has been able to attract a lot of positive comments from users and also have high sales. However, it has a number of weaknesses, the most important of which are the small secondary display, low capacity battery, not very powerful cameras, etc.

If Samsung continues the same policy in the field of phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 should be unveiled in August. Our expectation is that all of the above problems or most of them will be resolved in the new representation. For example, battery life is very important, the secondary display is vital for a product that closes completely, and it should be sized so that the user can see everything they need to know about them, without having to load the phone. Just like the secondary display used in the Galaxy Z Fold, which is a phone in itself.

We don't know much about the Galaxy Z Flip 4, but once again, another Korean source called The Elec is known to claim that Samsung's next flip phone will have a larger secondary display. The size of the secondary display gets bigger every year with the new model, so we expect the same thing to happen this year as well, because that ideal size has not yet been achieved.

With the larger secondary display, you can view ads and interact with The phone is simpler and more functional when it is still closed. The small secondary display was the biggest drawback of the Galaxy Z Flip, which we saw with the Z Flip 3 and its quadruple size, how much it was added to the demand for this product. In addition, we expect Samsung to consider more software capabilities for more meaningful and better interaction with the foldable display, such as FlexMod.

A patent recently filed by Samsung It shows that the company is working on a product similar to Z Flip, but its camera is built into a hinge and can be rotated. The patent has sparked speculation about Samsung's next product, but the Korean company is unlikely to make much of a difference to the design of the product.

The original model was released in February 2020, the 5G version was released a few months later in August, and a year later the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was released. Now, if the company's plan does not change, we should see the unveiling of Z Flip 4 in August this year, and the unveiling of this product is also definite.

4. Galaxy Z Fold 4

BingMag.com 6 <b>products</b> <b>that</b> we <b>expect</b> <b>Samsung</b> to <b>launch</b> in 2022

While the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is designed for people who want a very small phone Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a completely different philosophy and targeting a different audience, design and launch . This phone takes on the shape of a tablet when opened, so it is suitable for people who want to have a tablet with them but do not have enough space to carry it. As a result, they close the fold to have a phone that is about 6 inches. When a tablet is needed, they open the phone to see a 7.6-inch product in front of them. It still needs to be worked on to get rid of it completely. One of the biggest problems with this phone is when we close it. In this case, although the overall size of the phone is reduced, but it becomes so thick that it can not be placed in a pocket. In this way, we still face problems in terms of transportation. Of course, the Korean company tried to make the Galaxy Z Fold 3 thinner than the Z Fold 2, but the difference was so small that we hope this problem will be largely solved with the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Just like the other three products In this list, we have not heard much reliable news about the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but considering the progress that the Korean company has made between the second and third generation, we can expect new processors, changes in appearance that are mostly done to improve the build quality, length Better battery life and more advanced cameras are a definite part of the change. It would also be great if Samsung could consider good software capabilities to make the most of the foldable display.

Another thing we know about this product is that it probably has Android 12L as its default operating system. Will play a role. The operating system, as its name suggests (Large), is designed for phones or products with large screens, in which case it can be considered suitable for tablets and clamshell phones.

In 2019, the first version of it was released with many flaws. An improved version of the same name (Galaxy Fold) was available in 2020, but the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with many improvements, followed by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with more positive changes, in August 2021 and 2022, respectively. Were made available. Thus, we expect to see the unveiling of a new product of this type in August this year.

5. A new clamshell

BingMag.com 6 <b>products</b> <b>that</b> we <b>expect</b> <b>Samsung</b> to <b>launch</b> in 2022

Clamshell phones like the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip are still new and pure ideas Many companies have not even dared to build them. But not only has Samsung done this and it continues to do so successfully, it is also planning to build other models, but we have not yet heard definitive news about them. At CES 2022, Samsung introduced a variety of technologies related to the foldable display, and if recent rumors are true, we should expect one of those products to hit the market this year as a real product.

One One of the most famous technology revealers, known as Ice Universe, recently claimed that Samsung wants to unveil a third clamshell phone codenamed "Diamond" this year. Ross Young, CEO of Supply Chain Consultants, also confirmed this. Although we later found out that this code name was intended for the Galaxy S23 series project, the possibility of a third clamshell phone is also very high.

Among the concept images that Samsung has released so far, the Flex S is the most likely for It has to be marketed as a product. It's supposed to have three screens connected by two hinges, but when folded, it looks just like a regular phone. The purpose of making a product with this complexity is that the user has a larger product than Z Fold when opening the phone.

In general, clamshell phones should look like Z Fold. that is, very large products that can become a regular phone. In this case, the work that can be done with them will be more than a normal phone. Z Flip, for example, does nothing special because its display is exactly the size of a normal display. But for Zfold, a general specific application can be considered. Definitely, as a user who wants to see advanced technology, we do not want the only difference between a clamshell and a regular phone is that it can be folded, and that is enough. In his head. However, given the presence of competitors such as TCL, which has a unique and special design of the clamshell phone, it is not at all surprising that the Korean company acted sooner and launched a product that is stranger than what we see today. Apart from the few competitors that exist, statistics show that foldable handsets have been very successful in satisfying users. So it makes sense to believe that a third clamshell phone is on the way.

You see the Galaxy S22 Fan Edition

BingMag.com 6 <b>products</b> <b>that</b> we <b>expect</b> <b>Samsung</b> to <b>launch</b> in 2022

. Galaxy S22 Fan Edition is one of Samsung's most anticipated products for 2022 Is not 2023. The fact that the Korean company was forced to launch the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition in January this year does not mean that something good has happened. Incidentally, this phone and the standard model of the Galaxy S22 series are quite annoying in terms of sales, because both of them are highly valued as a flagship.

Samsung was originally supposed to launch the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition in 2021. Unveil. Not in late year but in summer. But the lack of chips and other things caused each time the date of its unveiling to be postponed to another fish and finally to January 2022. Of course, for many users, this change in supply has caused confusion. We do not know if Samsung will really unveil this phone this year or not, but logic dictates that this will happen this year. 1 while the Snapdragon 888 acts as the beating heart of the phone. If Samsung is to make a profit from the sale of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, it will be determined before the summer. After that, it is unlikely that anyone will go for this phone because much better options will be available.

So the launch of the Galaxy S22 Fan Edition is a great opportunity for users before Apple leaves the iPhone series. 14 unveil, have access to a valuable product. The Galaxy S22 Fan Edition is expected to have a bigger battery this year, but not from the Galaxy S22 but from the S21 Fan Edition. Because, as you know, the flagships of this generation of Samsung are not very good in terms of battery capacity except for the Ultra model.

If Samsung upgrades the Galaxy S22 fan in this part, it can definitely be considered one of the most valuable phones. Android is considered in the category of economic flagships that also have the potential to become a serious competitor to the iPhone 14. Because the Galaxy S22 is both small and its battery life is not high at all. So it easily fits against iPhone 14 or 14 Max. Samsung's right strategy in launching a powerful phone could challenge Apple as well. We are witnessing the realization that the Korean company has a special focus on wearable gadgets. What plans this year has for these products is a question that only the company itself can answer. All we can do is wait and see what news comes out about Samsung's future roadmap.

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Source: Cnet

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