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The production of iPhone 14 Max has apparently encountered a problem

BingMag.com The <b>production</b> of <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>Max</b> has <b>apparently</b> <b>encountered</b> a problem

According to published information, apparently Apple has encountered problems in the production of the iPhone 14 Max, and this may have a negative impact on the release date of this product.

According to the latest information we have, this year Apple wants to release its flagships in four models. Just like last year. With the difference that this year there will be no news of the mini model and by the way a much bigger model is going to take its place. We are talking about the iPhone 14 Max, a product that apparently did not arrive and faced great bad luck.

Apple has recently started the trial production of its expected phones, the iPhone 14 series, and plans to launch them next month. to mass production. But as it seems, a series of analysts believe that things are not going as planned by the American company. According to the published information, apparently, among the four iPhone models that are going to go to the market this year, the production of the iPhone 14 Max has faced problems and Apple has not even been able to solve the problem of the lack of body of this phone.

Apparently the problem The shortage of parts for the production of the iPhone 14 Max is due to global inflation, which we hear a lot about these days. Inflation that has caused companies to be completely surprised and do not know how to overcome it. Since this phone is very large and exactly the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple must divide the parts between the two in such a way that both are released in sufficient numbers. Since the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best and most powerful model of this series, it is very unlikely that Apple will focus on the iPhone 14 Max. According to Ross Young, it is Apple's preference for a more powerful model that caused the iPhone 14 Max to face a shortage of parts.

BingMag.com The <b>production</b> of <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>Max</b> has <b>apparently</b> <b>encountered</b> a problem

Ross Yang recently said in a tweet that the supply of the iPhone 14 Max screen has also faced a serious problem and it is very unlikely that it will be ready by August. This is despite the fact that Pro models do not have any problems in this regard. According to the information published by Ross Young, apparently Apple has three times more display panels for other models and this does not threaten the company. But the situation for Max model is really messy. This issue has caused the iPhone 14 Max to delay Apple's program in general.

The iPhone 14 Max has a different display compared to the two Pro models. In the powerful models, the promotion panel with 120 Hz refresh rate is used, which is very high quality and it is not possible for Apple to use it for its standard model phones. This means that we should expect two Max and Standard models to be available this year with a 60Hz display.

BingMag.com The <b>production</b> of <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>Max</b> has <b>apparently</b> <b>encountered</b> a problem

Apple in general this year in the production of iPhone series 14 has faced many disturbances. As a result, it seems that it should be looking for a way to produce enough phones until September. The problem of the display or parts related to the body are not the only problems that the American company is facing. It was in May of this year that we heard that Apple wants to improve the selfie camera of all four iPhone models compared to before; We were happy about this, but it wasn't long before we realized that there was a problem in providing these cameras.

All these events happened while the iPhone 14 Max is expected to have exceptional sales this year. Because users used to buy the standard model of Apple phones every year because its price was low and it had many features. That's why they coped with its small screen. But the existence of the Max model makes them have a more valuable choice. Now, if the situation continues like this, Apple will not be able to deal with user requests at all. Now we have to see what happens.

Source: Gizmochina

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