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The problem of slow phones of Samsung is solved in the One UI 4.1 update

BingMag.com The <b>problem</b> of <b>slow</b> <b>phones</b> of <b>Samsung</b> is <b>solved</b> in the <b>One</b> UI <b>4.1</b> update

It seems that Samsung wants to solve the problem of deliberately slowing down its handsets by offering a solution in the One UI 4.1 UI update that is being released

You probably already know that in the previous update, Samsung changed its game optimization service to a way that could not be disabled as before. The Korean company also added 10,000 apps and games to its list, so that if the phone gets hot, the processor and graphics performance will drop while running to prevent the phone from getting hot and the battery from running out too soon.

This has been done by many companies, including OnePlus and Apple, but both companies secretly decided to do so, and eventually got their hands on it. But Samsung, which does not seem to have learned a lesson from these stories, not only did so, but its performance was very bad. In a nutshell, the Korean company was supposed to use this app to weaken the performance of the phone's hardware system in a series of games or heavy applications, so that users face the problem of overheating, slowing down or, for example, rapid discharging of the battery. Do not. The problem was that users encountered the same problem not only running a few games but also working with more than 6,000 other apps.

In this list of 10,000, more than 6,000 were just non-gaming apps. These include YouTube and Microsoft Word. This means that the Galaxy S22 series, according to Samsung, even uses its hardware power so much that it gets hot even when running these applications. Otherwise, there was no justification for doing so. Especially since this service did not weaken the performance of the phones in the benchmark, so that even for advertisements, the phone uses all its power to record more points.

One UI 4.1 update solves the problem of slowing down Samsung phones

As mentioned above, Samsung, after denying that it deliberately slowed down its handsets while working with non-gaming apps, claimed that it should have done so because it was in the user's best interest, but nonetheless He apologized to all of them and said that the new update, One UI 4.1, which is currently being released for the company's phones, will solve this problem.

All phones that use the GOS service or the game optimizer They can use it and it is not possible to deactivate it. They can deactivate it in this new update. In this way, the user decides for himself what to do to weaken the performance of his phone. As a result, when you install One UI 4.1, you will most likely see a noticeable change in game performance. That means you have to get more firmware technically. Before that, of course, you need to see if the GOS settings are disabled by default.

Another good point is that by installing this new update, all third-party developer applications will be removed from the GOS list, and The phone will use all its hardware power to do various tasks with it. Of course, it's entirely up to the developers to what extent to use this feature in their applications. But as soon as it is possible to change the settings by the user himself, he is thankful.

The process of releasing the One UI 4.1 update started last week and is now available for Samsung phones. Of course, users can receive this update in order of year as well as category (flagship, medium and economy). It should be noted that for those users who have economy and mid-range phones, there will definitely be a series of less capabilities, but for high-end phones, the changes will be noticeable and relatively good. One of the best is the ability to consider four different levels of virtual RAM to add to the phone's original RAM.

Source: SamMobile

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