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The price of the global model of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 wristband was revealed

BingMag.com The <b>price</b> of the <b>global</b> <b>model</b> of <b>Xiaomi</b> Mi <b>Band</b> 7 <b>wristband</b> was revealed

Xiaomi recently unveiled its latest wristband, the May 7, and although this product was initially available in the Chinese market, it is expected to be available soon. Be the global market. In this regard, we have recently managed to get access to the price of the global model of the Band 7. Better quality with support for AOD (always on display), continuous monitoring of blood oxygen and is one of the most anticipated wristbands in global markets.

It is available but the Chinese company has not yet announced plans to launch it in other markets. This seems to be happening very soon, but we do not know exactly when. But fortunately we were able to find out the price of the global model of the Band 7 thanks to one of the whistleblowers.

Sell for 50 to 60 euros. This is while May Band was sold for 45 Euros 6 years ago. The 5 price increase can be considered somewhat reasonable, as Article 7's compared to the previous generation, at least on paper, has made a lot of progress.

But there is a very important point about the professionalism of this whistleblower It can not be overlooked. We do not know why one model of this product should cost 50 and the other 60 euros. Maybe this extra 10 euros is going to be paid for the model equipped with NFC, and maybe it is not like that at all, and the Chinese company wants to launch a newer and more powerful model at this price.

We have heard before about Xiaomi Roy Construction of Mi 7 Pro is underway. We do not know if this product is going to be officially launched or not because it has not been unveiled yet and there is only one news about it. But it is possible that Xiaomi will have a big surprise in mind when launching the global model of the Band 7 and launch the Band 7 Pro with more features and a price of 60 Euros.

However, nothing is clear yet and we have to wait and see what happens. Maybe this 50 to 60 euro is a price range that the whistleblower SnoopyTech himself is not sure about exactly one of them; That is, he does not know exactly at what price paragraph 7 will enter the market. But given that he used the preposition "eli" instead of "or", there seems to be another model. So we can not speak with confidence.

Source: GSMArena

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