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3 powerful features of Android flagships that are not present in iPhone 13

Despite the resemblance of the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 series, the popularity of this year's Apple flagships is beyond expectations. In the Cupertino world, we usually have to be content with smaller changes for a long time after every major product change.

Another thing that is going to be unveiled in the future is the best policy to make small changes to the current appearance of the iPhone, which has already worked well.

If we leave aside the similarity of the iPhone 13 with previous generations and look more independently at To have this series, we must say that we are facing beautiful and powerful products. In addition to the appearance of the devices and their hardware power, we should not overlook the advantages of the iOS operating system.

The iPhone 13 family may be suitable for many users; But if you are a professional Android user, such products can definitely not be offered to you. In fact, if you want to migrate from Android to iPhone 13, you have to sacrifice some of the most popular features of Android flagships. The next generation of Apple flagships will see their presence. In fact, 2 of these features are even available on low-cost Android phones.


BingMag.com 3 powerful features of Android flagships that are not present in iPhone 13

Consider a situation where you forget your Twitter account password and request a recovery via email. After sending the code to your email, you have no choice but to log out of Twitter and log in to your email app to copy the code.

When you return to the Twitter app, you will notice that the process has resumed. And this time you have to stay in the Twitter app and open your email using another device so you can enter the code on the app on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, a number of apps have this problem for IOS users create, and if you try to exit the page when entering sensitive password-related information or bank card information, you will notice when the page is refreshed.

Lack of multitasking or multitasking Task in Apple Mobile OS is one of the topics that can easily solve such problems and reduce the hassle of users to do many things with the iPhone.

Android operating system is equipped with multitasking features that the user is equipped with Allows you to split the page between two apps or open one app as a pop-up window on another app.

Using this feature You can open two or more apps at the same time and do different things, browse several different websites, or use other apps without having to stop playing your videos.

For example, If you want to use another app while watching YouTube videos on your iPhone, your only way is to buy a premium YouTube subscription. But this feature is available for free on Android.

Given the screen size and hardware processing power of today's smartphones, splitting the phone screen into two sections to run two applications at the same time is not difficult. So, despite the 6-inch screens and the powerful A15 Bionic processor, it is surprising why Apple did not add this feature to the iPhone 13 or at least the 13.6-inch Pro Max.

Stylus stylus support

BingMag.com 3 powerful features of Android flagships that are not present in iPhone 13 In 2007, Steve Jobs said that no one needed a stylus on their phone. And these pens only complicate everything, they have to be put somewhere and they are very easy to get lost.

After 14 years, despite the successful presence of products such as the Galaxy Note series and Galaxy Z Fold, The iPhone 13 still does not support the stylus.

Apple may not have plans to add this feature to the iPhone any time soon, but will users really still not need the stylus in 2021, and this tool Isn't it practical?

At first glance, a positive answer to the above question seems logical; Because there are many users who are satisfied with working with phones without stylus. But if you have a history of using products like the Galaxy Note series, you certainly can not deny the various uses of a professional stylus pen and its attractive user experience.

If you are a professional user, you may sometimes have to document Sign online, or draw on your phone screen, or even draw with a stylus for fun.

If you take a look at Samsung's S Pen and its many features Be aware of its many uses in multitasking and getting things done faster and more accurately. This company has put. Based on this successful experience, integrating the Apple Pencil with the iPhone will not be difficult for Apple.

Desktop Mode

BingMag.com 3 powerful features of Android flagships that are not present in iPhone 13

While Apple is doing its best to get users to pay for each of its products separately and is always trying to separate the ecosystems of iPhone, iPad and MacBooks, some Android phones They also provide users with access to applications in desktop mode.

Samsung Galaxy Z 3 Fold is one of the Android phones that, in addition to acting as a smartphone and tablet, also Using the DeX software feature, you can also access desktop mode, and by connecting it to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, you can experience a similar experience using a desktop computer.

In this case, you You can access various elements of a desktop interface, such as the taskbar, opening apps in the form of windows, and the mouse pointer for accurate navigation and browsing.

In addition to Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and some other flagships Other leads also offer desktop mode, which can enhance your smartphone user experience by a few notches. Unfortunately, this attractive feature is not present in the iPhone 13 either.

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What do you think about What are the differences between the iPhone 13 and Android flagships with the mentioned features? Do you agree with the presence of features such as multitasking, stylus support and desktop mode on iPhones?

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