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The possible release date of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition has been leaked

BingMag.com The possible release date of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition has been leaked

Galaxy S21 fan edition again and news release about the release date of this phone again! This time, however, we seem to have a definite date that John Praser, one of the most famous technology revealers, announced on Twitter. , Yesterday on Twitter published a lot of information about the release date of one of the most anticipated phones, perhaps the date of Samsung, the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition. A product that has been talked about in news agencies for weeks and even a couple of months, and today is no exception to this rule.

According to the latest information we have about Samsung's plans, we know the company Korea was scheduled to unveil the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition at CES. Of course, it was not announced exactly when this would happen, but John Praser mentioned this date exactly today. Although this date has come out of the mouth of a revealer, and no matter how famous this revealer is, we still can not definitely mention it as the final and official release date of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition.

Now, compared to all the news that has been published so far about the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition and its release date, this news seems to be the most probable. John Praser today, through his Twitter account, pointed out that Samsung is not satisfied with the release of details about the company's plans by Praser. If this statement is true, it could mean that the full statement is credible. He went on to point out that the unveiling of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition will take place as usual at an event called Unpacked on January 4th. There is no time limit for pre-purchasing this phone, except that he said that one week after the official unveiling, on January 11 (January 21), we should see the official release of this product to the market.

With the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, however, there has been a lot of news that, in short, Samsung wants to equip it with a plastic body with a Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 chip. Although these two chips belong to this year, but Samsung apparently has no other choice for this phone. It seems that due to the lack of these chips, we have not seen the unveiling of this phone so far. Of course, both chips are made by Samsung itself with the company's 5-nanometer lithography, but the shortage of chips is global and has affected all companies.

It seems that the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is just like the flagships. The series is set to hit the US and China with the Snapdragon 888 chip and in global markets with the Exynos 2100 chip. However, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition with both processors is currently available in our country. So we can hope that this phone will hit the market with both processors. In addition to the chip, we know that the display to be used in this phone is 6.4 inches with a resolution of 1080P, the refresh rate of which reaches 120 Hz.

This phone, however, apparently has 6 GB of memory in its base model. It will have 128 GB of RAM and internal memory. A model with a combination of internal memory and 128.8 GB of RAM will also be considered for it. Apart from these two models, it seems that S21 Fan Edition is not going to enter the market in any other model at the moment. The power supply of this powerful set consists of a 4370 mAh battery that the user can charge with a 25-watt charger. However, some believe that this time there will be no news of the charger inside the box. Although the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition also supports a 25-watt fast charger, Samsung, for some reason, preferred the 15-watt charger inside the box.

With all these interpretations, as mentioned, chances are that all of these apps There are still changes to be made at the last minute. Especially in this period when both due to the corona virus and problems such as the lack of a powerful chip, there are problems in the supply chain and it is impossible to predict what will happen. So we have to consider all the current information as a very probable rumor.

Source: PhoneArena

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