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A possible image of the OnePlus 10 was leaked

BingMag.com A <b>possible</b> <b>image</b> of the <b>OnePlus</b> 10 was leaked

Recently, a picture of a new phone was leaked from the OnePlus, which seems to be the standard model of the Chinese company's new flagships, the OnePlus 10. <//>

OnePlus 10 Pro has been unveiled and available in China for one or two months. Even during the big MWC 2022 exhibition, we saw the official release date of this phone in the global market, which includes Europe, India and even the United States (later this month).

This year, unlike previous years, OnePlus decided to have flagships To first unveil itself in China and market them, and after a while to sell them in the world market. Of course, for now, we only saw the OnePlus 10 Pro, which is currently available in China and will be sold in the global market in less than a month. One of the good things that OnePlus did at MWC 2022 was the announcement of the OnePlus 10 Pro with the popular OxygenOS 13 user interface in the global market, which has far more fans than Oppo's ColorOS. The interface was supposed to retire after the collaboration between Oppo and OnePlus, but so far we have not seen that happen. However, in China, this phone is sold with the ColorOS interface.

We come to the standard model, the OnePlus 10, which we have rarely seen news about. In January of this year, we saw a patented image showing a OnePlus phone with rear-facing cameras similar to the OnePlus 10 Pro. Of course, this resemblance was not so great, as one might have guessed, this phone could be the same family as the OnePlus 10 Pro. So some people thought this might be the same as the OnePlus 10 Ultra because it has a very large camera on its back panel. Of course, the OnePlus 10 Ultra was supposed to hit the market later this year with a bigger display, a higher capacity battery, a faster charger, and generally more capabilities than the Pro and standard models. So it's a bit unlikely that this image is an Ultra model.

The only logical guess we can make is that this is a possible OnePlus 10 image. The back panel image had even been shared on the Chinese social network Weibo before, and one of the whistleblowers named Shadow-Leak, who works on Twitter, shared it with Let's Go Digital.

BingMag.com A <b>possible</b> <b>image</b> of the <b>OnePlus</b> 10 was leaked

According to the published image, it can be seen that the OnePlus 10 will be sold in two colors, black and white. Although there is no official news yet that this phone is the standard model of the new OnePlus flagships, and since the brand name Haselblad does not appear on the camera module, it is better to consider this news as a rumor for now.

According to Let's Go Digital, the OnePlus 10 will be launched with a 6.55-inch AMOLED flat panel and 120Hz refresh rate. The beating heart of this product will be the very powerful Snapdragon 8 generation 1 chip, which was launched in late 2021 as a successor to the Snapdragon 888. This chip, along with 12.8 GB of RAM and 128.256 GB of internal memory, will be responsible for the graphics and processing tasks of the OnePlus 10, which is also quite powerful.

Still, OnePlus news about the exact date The release of OnePlus 10 has not been announced and unfortunately we do not know anything specific about this issue. However, it is said that there is a possibility that the Chinese company will officially unveil this phone along with the OnePlus 10 Ultra and launch it. We have to wait for more news to be released.

Source: PhoneArena

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