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4 popular mobile printers in DigiKala (August 1401)

BingMag.com 4 <b>popular</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>printers</b> in <b>DigiKala</b> <b>(August</b> 1401)

The idea of making a portable printer has not been raised for many years, but now a large variety of these products have entered the market. Although portable printers may not be comparable to fixed and wired printers in terms of power and efficiency, their accessibility is considered a great advantage. These printers are generally very small and lightweight and you can easily carry them with you wherever you want. Some of these portable printers are only for printing photos, but others are more useful and you can even use them to print pages with A4 dimensions. In this article, we will introduce you to 4 popular BingMag printers.

1. Xiaomi photo printer model XMKDDYJ01HT

BingMag.com 4 <b>popular</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>printers</b> in <b>DigiKala</b> <b>(August</b> 1401)Xiaomi photo printer model XMKDDYJ01HT is one of the smallest and It is the most portable photo printer on the market. In terms of size, the Xiaomi XMKDDYJ01HT photo printer can be compared to a power bank. Therefore, you should not expect to print very large photos from this rechargeable device. The battery of this printer has a capacity of 500mAh and you can use the micro USB port to recharge it. Using this device, you can print photos up to 3 inches (equal to 76 x 50 mm). It is also necessary to explain that this Xiaomi printer uses ZINK color printing technology without ink and that it supports AR technology. Therefore, your photos will be printed without the need for ink and cartridges. Printing each photo will take about 40 seconds. To print a photo, you can also connect to this printer via Bluetooth of a mobile phone or laptop and issue a print command. Each photo is displayed and printed with a quality of 313x400Dpi, and this process takes about 40 to 45 seconds. There are also several fun templates that can be used to take creative photos.

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With Note that the printer uses inkless printing technology, you cannot use any type of paper for this device, and only Xiaomi ZINK special paper is possible. Due to the limited dimensions and size of the device, this printer only has an input capacity of 10 sheets of paper.

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2. Printer with HPRT model MT800

BingMag.com 4 <b>popular</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>printers</b> in <b>DigiKala</b> <b>(August</b> 1401)In the field of manufacturing printer devices, H company Pi is one of the most familiar and reliable brands. The RT MT800 portable printer made by HP is one of the portable printers that uses thermal printing technology. In terms of usage, this printer is classified as a single-use device. Therefore, you can only use it for monochrome printing. The small weight of 0.766 grams of this device shows its portability and small dimensions. However, despite this small weight, the MT800 HPRT model printer has the ability to print on A4 sheets, but its paper input capacity is limited to only 1 sheet.

As stated, HP's MT800 printer uses thermal printing technology. Its printing resolution is 300 dpi and it takes about 15 seconds to print each black and white page. Finally, it is necessary to explain that this device is wireless and to start the printing process, you must connect to it using Bluetooth or wireless and send the files you want to print. The ability to connect to this mobile printer is not limited to any of the Android or IOS operating systems, and you can connect to it with any smartphone.

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You can use USB Type-C to charge the HP MT800 mobile printer and connect it directly to the device. The device's battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh and with each full charge, you can print 70 A4 pages using this device. You can order this mobile printer from BingMag right now.

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3. Polaroid Wireless Photo Printer Mint

BingMag.com 4 <b>popular</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>printers</b> in <b>DigiKala</b> <b>(August</b> 1401)

Printer The Mint Wireless Polaroid Photo Printer is another one of the most popular portable printers we've included on this list. Polaroid's Mint pocket printer is one of the smallest and lightest printers available in the market. This printer weighs only 162 grams and its dimensions are 116 x 77 x 18 mm. Another interesting thing about this printer is its interesting coloring. This device comes in black, white, blue, red, and yellow colors, which can be interesting for a printer.

As mentioned earlier, this printer is portable and wireless. To connect to it and print The photo must be connected to the device via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can print your photos immediately from your smartphone or tablet. This device is also compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

In terms of printing features, it is necessary to explain that the Mint printer is single-use and only has the ability to print photos. Therefore, you should not expect fax or image scanning capabilities from it. This printer also only prints in color. The type of paper that can be used for wireless Polaroid photo printing printer is MintZink Paper 2 x 3 inches, and its tray capacity is 10 sheets, which is justified according to the dimensions of the printer. It takes less than 1 minute to print each 2x3 inch photo by this printer.

You can use standard micro USB cables to charge the device. The battery of the device has a capacity of 900 mAh and it takes 2 hours to fully charge it. If the battery is fully charged, you can take 50 prints with it. Therefore, with a full charge, the device can print up to 50 pages for you. It is also necessary to explain that the battery is built into the device and cannot be removed. You can buy this mobile printer right now from BingMag.

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4. Embrash color printer model Kongten

BingMag.com 4 <b>popular</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>printers</b> in <b>DigiKala</b> <b>(August</b> 1401)The last option from today's list of portable printers related to printers MBrush color is Kongten model. This small and lightweight printer has only one use and that is printing color photos. Inkjet printing technology is used to print photos in this printer. Therefore, if the cartridge runs out, you should use color thermal inkjet cartridges for refilling. Each cartridge of this device can work for you as much as printing 400 A4 papers and you will need to recharge it again. In terms of print quality, this device has an acceptable performance and prints your photos with a resolution of 1200 dpi. You should also keep in mind that the paper input capacity of this printer is only 1 sheet.

The special and unique feature of this printer is that it allows you to load texts, images or any design you want on your smartphone and print them on any device by pressing a button. The surface you want to print. That is, for example, you can print a custom design on your phone case or a custom design on your t-shirt. You can also use this printer to tattoo images on the body.

In terms of dimensions, this printer is really small and portable with dimensions of 72 x 68 x 51 and its weight is about 100 grams. It is also very suitable and does not create any restrictions on its portability. So you can easily carry it in your hand, in your bag or even in your clothes pocket.

As mentioned, the Kongten MBrush printer is wireless. All kinds of smartphones can be used to connect to this device and there are no restrictions in this field. The method of connecting to the device is also via WiFi. This printer is available for order right now at DigiKala.

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