7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

If you are one of those people who think that when buying computer parts, it is not necessary that all of them are of high quality and relatively expensive, then you must read this article to the end. Read on.

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

If you are one of those people who think that when buying computer parts, it is not necessary that all of them are of high quality and relatively expensive, then you must read this article to the end. Read on.

When shopping for computer parts, many people think that if they are going to be gaming with their system, only having a powerful graphics card can do the trick. They try to provide expensive graphics but instead they don't spend much on motherboard, processor, power and even case. Not paying attention to important parts such as motherboard, hard drive, power and case can cause the enjoyable experience we expected from our system to be completely changed and reversed. If you want to avoid this problem, be sure to read this article before buying computer parts.

1. Dual Core Processors

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

With the Intel Celeron G6900 processor practically You should stop playing.

With the current architecture of computer processors that even support 24 cores and 32 threads, processors that use 2 cores and 4 threads are not enough to meet our needs. do not have These days, software and games have become so heavy that you can't expect to get the best performance even with a weak system.

Many of the current games will not run on the Intel Celeron G6900 processor. Processors such as AMD Athlon 3000G and Intel Pentium G7400 also exhibit very unstable performance in playing games, so that you will actually encounter lag while playing games.

Currently, the best and most suitable way In order to get stable performance in gaming, you should buy Intel Core i3010100F or i3-10105F octa-core chips. These are the minimum chips that can bring you a good gaming experience. If you can't afford a good graphics card by buying these chips anymore, you should try to buy a used graphics card because otherwise you won't be able to achieve your goal. Of course, you can go for processors with powerful internal graphics, such as Ryzen 5 5600G, which solves your need for separate graphics to play some daily games. If your budget goes a little further, you can buy the Core i3-12100F, which is considered a powerful chip of its kind.

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2. Single-channel RAMs

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

In the era of RAMs with DDR4 and DDR5 technology, RAM speed has become very important . When you use a stick of RAM and put it next to a processor that has a dual-channel memory controller, you actually cut the speed of the RAM in half. Maybe if your system has powerful graphics, you won't face any problem playing games and the system won't bottleneck, but if you use the internal graphics of the processor, this problem will show itself.

RAM memories these days Starting at 4 GB up to 64 GB and even more. But our suggestion is to buy RAMs that are at least 8 GB, which in fact has now become the minimum amount of RAM memory required for playing games or multitasking and surfing the web, etc. Even for light work these days, it is recommended to buy a kit that includes two 8GB RAMs, which is both more economical and ensures the good performance of your system in doing many tasks.

The price of one RAM 32 GB is not much different from two 16 GB RAMs. Although the second model is slightly more expensive, at least you will have the peace of mind that you are using its full potential. Only go for individual RAMs when there is an exact same RAM in your system.

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3. Slow storage (hard drive)

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

A HDD Great, but still not as efficient as a regular SSD for a system whose user wants high speed.

These days, many companies are pre-configured into most systems to provide a good experience for their users. At least 128 GB SSD is placed next to an HDD with a capacity of 1 TB and a speed of 7200 rpm. These days, there are SSDs with very reasonable prices that can transform the speed of your system. If you think that you don't want to have a very high speed from your system when browsing the web, booting the system, loading games, etc., and the same hard drive can perform its task well, it seems that at least in the current period We have, you're wrong.

Hards although have much more capacity compared to SSD They provide you with a paid fee, but you must have an SSD next to your hard drive to do important work. For example, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S use SSD as the default internal memory. This has caused the developers to develop the game in such a way that several small files can be loaded on the SSD at the same time. This is not possible if you have a hard disk.

These days, having at least 240 or 256 GB of SSD along with 1 TB of HDD with a speed of 7200 rpm is considered as a mandatory system purchase. The cost of such an SSD does not exceed 1 million Tomans, but the comfort and pleasure it provides you is totally worth it.

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4. Poor motherboard

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

A motherboard with only two RAM slots Hopefully, in the future, it will not leave the user's hands open for upgrading.

Sometimes when buying computer parts, you visit the motherboard section of a store and you see that some of them are very crowded and many parts are mounted on them, but others They seem much quieter and less detailed. At first glance, you will notice which of them has more quality, and we must say that you are right. A motherboard that has nothing special but two RAM slots and several large and small capacitors on it is far inferior in quality compared to a motherboard that has four RAM slots and more details.

When buying a system, be forward thinking. Be. You are not going to buy a laptop that has very limited replacement parts. The system can be purchased once and only upgraded for a few years. This is why we say that you must buy a high-quality motherboard because eventually everything will be installed on it. From RAM to CPU to graphics to SSD, it's the motherboard that determines whether or not you can upgrade.

So when shopping for a motherboard, just allow yourself to check the latest page. Finally, the product that was for a previous year can also be a suitable option. A good motherboard has a heatsink (cooling module) around the VRAM (abbreviation of Voltage regulator modules) near the processor, which means that its performance is good in terms of temperature control and you will have the possibility to change the processor. Otherwise, this possibility will be very limited.

Two other features that are not usually seen in cheap boards are PCIe 4.0 standard and a second M.2 port where you can add an SSD. If the second SSD interface is SATA, the data transfer will be much slower than if you connect an SSD to the PCIe port of your motherboard. As a result, when buying a motherboard, you should pay attention to the fact that the board is one of the most important parts of any system, which should have many features to leave your hand open for upgrading different parts in the future.

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5. Case

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

A case that was an option almost 15 years ago It was considered mid-range and decent.

When you are looking to buy computer parts with the most performance for the price paid, the case is probably the last thing that will come to your mind. Because it does not affect the performance of the system and sometimes it is more expensive than a series of system parts. That's why many people prefer to install the new system in their old case (if possible). They have a reasonable price and their performance is excellent. The problem with all cheap cases is that they have poor build quality. The air filters, if they exist, do not have a plastic coating to prevent them from bending, the sheets are so thin that the rotation of the hard disk or fan causes them to vibrate, the air circulation for cooling inside them is not done well, they have a weak cabling system and Many other problems.

Buying a good case in the first place is much better than buying a case that is going to give you trouble later. Therefore, spend once to buy a good but economical case and enjoy your system for several years without having to worry about problems if you upgrade and buy a new system.

An important problem. This is where many cheap cases are from several years ago and as a result they don't have good features like cable management system or air cycle. Thus, during assembly, you don't know what to do with extra cables or how to hide them so they don't disturb other parts. On the other hand, an old case does not give you the space to install, for example, a cooler for your processor without opening all the parts. Almost all other parts have to be removed from the system so that you can do a very small task like cleaning some parts.

Also some cases. They do not have reverse power system. That is, the power is placed at the top and next to the processor, this type of design has been obsolete for a long time, because at that time processors did not need professional coolers, but why now? As a result, the power is placed at the bottom of the system so that the user can get a third-party cooler for the processor. Some cases don't even have a USB-3.0 port on the front!

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6. Low standard power

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

A good power should at least It should have a bronze standard.

Imagine that after buying computer parts, you realized that its total power consumption is 300 watts. You visit the store and look for the cheapest power that can meet your needs. You will come across a sample of approximately 20 dollars that has a power of 480 watts. You will be happy that you were able to find a good power supply at a low price, but when you try to connect it to the system, you will see that there is no graphic card connector.

You will realize that this power supply does not have a graphic card connector The average face can only output 330 watts. Without the +80 efficiency standard, you cannot buy good quality power because it is not at all clear how much energy it needs to feed the system. It is completely futile to expect its cables to have a protective cover or to be detachable; Because these power supplies can work properly for a year.

The point here is that the power supply is really an important part. The power supply provides the power required by the system and must be professional enough to take care of the parts when there is fluctuation, power failure or such problems. Power must have high-quality cables that can be seen at first glance. If you can't afford modular power supplies that have detachable cables, we suggest you to buy semi-modular or regular models with high standard.

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7. Wrong graphics card

BingMag.com 7 points that you must pay attention to when buying computer parts

Graphic card with a fan of A card with two fans produces more noise.

The problem that can cause you when buying computer parts is buying the wrong graphics card. You can buy the best graphics card available according to your budget, but when you plug it into the system and expect it to run a normal game at a good framerate, you'll find that it performs quite poorly. The problem here is not the graphics card; It is enough to download a hardware status monitor tool and monitor the behavior of hardware resources while playing, that's when you will see that the processor is using its maximum power but the graphics is at rest.

This is exactly the problem. is that many gamers unknowingly face it, i.e. hardware bottleneck. The point here is that usually the graphics should use its maximum power in performing heavy graphics tasks and the processor should be under a little less pressure. If it is the opposite, it means that the processor with its 100% power can only respond to 70% of the computer's power. As a result of this incident, the graphics does not use its full power and the game does not run well. You can't install a card that uses 4 PCIe lanes on a system with PCIe components and expect it to perform well. You can visit the pc-builds website and enter your system specifications to see if the bottleneck occurs. do. If you want a quiet system, don't think that you can achieve your goal by buying a single fan card. By the way, cards with one fan cause more noise than cards with two or three fans because they need more time and power for cooling.

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When buying Computer parts, you can't usually expect to get the most out of your money. There are definitely a series of weaknesses that should be accepted, but you should also note that you can see these weaknesses in a series of parts that do not disturb your user experience by consulting and buying wisely. For example, if you spend half of your budget on a graphics card and instead buy a poor processor, RAM, and motherboard, you won't experience 50% of the joy of someone who splits the cost intelligently between parts, while both of the same You benefited from the same budget.

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