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Pluto's atmosphere is gradually disappearing

Pluto, which was removed from the list of planets in the solar system in 2006, is now moving away from the sun and is at least moving its atmosphere away from the atmosphere. It is not always easy to hold the atmosphere for a celestial body, for example Mars is like this and the atmosphere is very thin. However, the genius Martian helicopter has made amazing flights in this thin atmosphere.

Now a new study presented at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society shows that the gases around Pluto are disappearing and moving away. As the dwarf planet moves from the sun, they turn to ice. Pluto's atmosphere is now thin, composed mostly of nitrogen and some methane and carbon monoxide. But lowering the surface temperature appears to cause the gaseous nitrogen to freeze again and destroy the atmosphere.

This assessment was done by a method known as "occultation" and scientists The distant star was used as a backlight for telescopes on Earth to look at what happened on Pluto.

This is a proven and reliable observational method that is widely used in astronomy. According to Eliot Young, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Texas, the stealth method has been used to study Pluto since 1988.

(New Horizons) In the course of its near 2015, alongside Pluto, it obtained good data on the density of Pluto's atmosphere, which showed that the mass of the dwarf planet's atmosphere is doubling every decade; "But our observations in 2018 do not show such a trend since 2015." The largest nitrogen glacier is Sputnik Planitia, located in the western part of the heart-like region of Tombaugh Regio on the surface of Pluto.

Given that Pluto is 30 units away Astronomical (AU) means that it is 30 times the size of the Earth from the Sun, and each rotation around the Sun takes 248 Earth years. However, this distance is increasing and gradually causes Pluto to receive less light from the sun and its temperature to drop again.

A sudden increase in density in 2015 is likely due to thermal inertia, trapping The heat is in nitrogen glaciers that have reacted to the delay in increasing Pluto's distance from the Sun.

Leslie Young, SWRI planetary scientist The sands of the beach were pointed by the sun. The sun is more intense at noon, but the sand continues to absorb heat during the afternoon, so it is warmest in the late afternoon.

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Sudden flash in Pluto data when hidden
Credit: NASA/SwRI

Although Pluto is no longer a planet It is not considered, which is still controversial, but still remains a dwarf planet of interest to astronomers, and we are constantly learning new information about this distant object.

  • The man who killed Pluto has found a new ninth planet!

In recent years, astronomers have discovered that Pluto has snow-capped mountains and subterranean liquid oceans. . Two discoveries that could provide more information on how the dwarf planet's atmosphere works. Telescopes looked directly at Pluto. In other words, seeing the central flash due to the reflection of background star light by Joe Pluto indicates that the telescopes are in the center of the hiding place and increases the validity of the data.

It was observed to be the strongest case ever seen in Pluto's disappearance. "This flash gives us very accurate information about the direction of Pluto's shadow on Earth."

Source: Science Alert

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