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Pixel 6; Google and Samsung joint flagship to compete with iPhone 13

BingMag.com Pixel 6; Google and Samsung joint flagship to compete with iPhone 13

You might think the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro would be marketed as Google's flagships, but that may not be the case, and in fact these flagships are just Bear Google's name; In fact, according to the news we hear, it is Samsung that will play a key role in the production of the Pixel 6 and its Pro model, and it is even thought that the Korean company wants to compete closely with Apple and the iPhone 13 in cooperation with Google.

As you know, Samsung is not just a manufacturer of smart gadgets, it also produces various components for hardware companies. These include the processor, display, camera sensor, etc., which has now made Samsung one of the largest suppliers in the world. Previously, we only saw the company's extensive activity in the field of displays, but in recent years, with the arrival of Chinese companies, Samsung has been able to become one of the world's largest hubs in terms of processor and camera sales, so that now after TSMC, Knowing this, Google decided to partner with Samsung to produce its next flagship so that it could challenge the iPhone 13. The two companies also collaborated on the Galaxy Watch 4, which resulted in a product with Google's WearOS operating system, which is extremely rich in applications and software capabilities. There is no doubt that Samsung has done this to compete with Apple and its smartwatches. But it seems that the Google-Samsung program does not end there, and the project of cooperation between the two companies will seem to be long-term.

Google has a lot of experience in hardware production, but it can never be done with Samsung or Apple compared. The main activity of this company is software and in this section, the company did its job with Android in the best possible way. But over the last few years, we've seen Google try to expand into smartphones. This is how we saw the Pixel series; The only products that give users the pleasure of working with pure Android and have good quality and features.

Pixels, however, have never been as popular as the Galaxy and iPhone. The main reason for this is the high price and limited supply market. In less markets, we see the supply of Google hardware products, and even if we are, their price is much higher than the hardware capabilities that they provide to users. Therefore, their purchase value is reduced compared to other products from other brands.

That's why Google decided to trust Samsung in this direction, which is now known as the largest seller of smartphones in the world. And he has much more experience in this field. The handsets that will be produced as a result of this cooperation are Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, which apparently Google and Samsung are going to design and launch to compete with Apple and iPhone 13.

Of course, at first The Pixel series phones were unveiled 6 years ago. Now, it was due to the problem of lack of chips or whether Google itself is not aware of the problem in the process of designing and developing this series, and we do not know about this, but whatever it was, this is going to happen this year and last year Google did not have any flagships. Not in the market. Except for the Pixel 5, which of course should be considered Google's own flagship, not a product that is even close to other companies' affordable flagships.

The Pixel 5 was not Google's dream flagship, but the Pixel 6 will probably be

As mentioned, Pixel 5 could not be called a flagship. Compared to all the other Google phones, this phone was considered a flagship considering its features and capabilities, but compared to the representatives of other competing companies, it had nothing to say. For example, the beating heart of this product was Snapdragon 765G; A powerful processor that had a lot of processing and graphics capabilities, but could not be compared at all to the Snapdragon 865 that last year's flagships were equipped with.

Another reason why we do not consider the Pixel 5 flagship is There were two main and ultra-wide cameras on the back panel, which of course were of good quality and scored well, but not so good that they could be compared to other flagship cameras. Other hardware capabilities were fairly good, but still not as good as those of Apple and Samsung. At the time the Pixel 5 hit the market, there were competitors like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro that not every product could compete with, and the Pixel 5 could never do that.

But to produce the new flagship, Google is determined to compete seriously with Apple, and will do so with the help of a company that is a longtime competitor to Apple; That means Samsung! The company is currently in fierce competition with Apple in various fields and does not want to lose the car to this company at all. However, in the field of high-end and flagship phones, Apple is significantly higher than Samsung, and in recent years, with the introduction of good and powerful phones at a reasonable price, it has been able to attract many positive comments.

But Samsung And Google intends to put an end to this rule, which will most likely continue with the iPhone 13 series, with the Pixel 6 series phones. It seems that the cooperation between the two American and Korean companies for the production of Pixel 6 had started even before the release of Pixel 5. Samsung had decided to make a custom tensor processor, camera sensors, display and 6-pixel modem, and Google was going to launch it the same year. But that did not happen for whatever reason. If you take a look at the specifications of the Pixel 5 and compare it to the specifications of the Pixel 4A 5G, you will see that Google only launched this phone to keep its flagship section empty, otherwise there is no gap between them. But with the Pixel 6 series, why!

Product name Google Pixel 4A 5G Pixel 5 5G Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Processor and RAM Snapdragon 765G with 6GB of RAM Snapdragon 765G with 8GB of RAM Custom tensor chip with 8/12GB RAM Camera 12-megapixel main - 16-megapixel ultra-wide - 8-megapixel selfie 12-megapixel main - 16-megapixel ultra-wide - 8-megapixel Selfie 50-megapixel main, 12-megapixel ultra-wide - 48-megapixel periscope (in Pro model) 12.8-megapixel selfie in standard and Pro models display 6.2 inches with OLED panel and 60Hz refresh 6.0 inch with OLED panel and 90Hz refresh 6.4 inch with O4D panel OLED and refresh 90Hz/6.7 inches with OLED panel and refresh 120Hz Battery 3885 mAh 4080 mAh 4614/5000 mAh No wireless charging technology strong has has standard waterproof does not IP68 waterproof and dustproof IP68 waterproof and dustproof has stereo speaker has has has 3.5mm headphone jack No No No Price $ 500 on sale <$ $ 700 on release Probably $ 800,000 on release

As you can see, the Pixel 5 is actually an improved 4A 5G Pixel. Not a product that is the size of a flagship. A series of additional features such as 90Hz refresh rate, waterproof cover, wireless charging, larger battery and the like are not going to make one phone a flagship and the other a mid-range one. It looks like Google just wanted to add a few extra features to the Pixel 5 and bring it to market. What these features are and how they are used was not very important to the company. As a result, Google could not compete with the best in the market, even those in the same price range and in some cases at a lower price.

Was the Pixel 6 ready for release in 2020?

BingMag.com Pixel 6; Google and Samsung joint flagship to compete with iPhone 13

But to say that the Pixel 6 was supposed to hit the market last year raises another question. To take. Was this phone ready for release at all and Google did not release it or not? The same question comes to mind:

  • If the Pixel 6 were to be ready, the Pixel 5 would not exist at all.
  • If the Pixel 6 were not to be marketed This means that the tensor chip was to be used in Google's 2020 flagship, the Pixel 5.
  • Either way, we could see a powerful flagship with a tensor processor, periscope camera, and attractive features. It looked like the Pixel 5, not the Pixel 6.

It looks like Google was ready to target Apple and Samsung with its powerful flagship offering. If you look closely, rumors and rumors circulating earlier about the company's processor suggest that its power is equivalent to the power of the Snapdragon 870, which means that the tensor was originally designed to be in last year's flagship, and perhaps in terms of processing, flagships. It also beat last year, so we saw that nothing went according to the company's plans. But the exciting thing is that it also affected the Pixel 6 in some way.

It is said that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be equipped with another version of the Exynos 2100 processor that has technology Google Machine Learning has been added. You heard right; It is impossible for Google to produce a powerful processor in such a short period of time unless it asks Samsung to design the same Exynos 2100 processor with Google's unique machine learning technology and call it a tensor. That way, Google will have a proprietary chip, and Samsung's role will seem to diminish. And is actually a public processor [graphics role is also known], but TPUs are powerful custom chips designed to do projects with a specific framework. (From an article on the ServerGuy website about the difference between CPU and GPU and TPU)

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with Samsung G1 sensor; Old but powerful

BingMag.com Pixel 6; Google and Samsung joint flagship to compete with iPhone 13

Images by Equipped with Samsung's GN1 sensor, the Vivo X60 Pro

One of the hallmarks of last year's flagship Pixel 6 and 6 Pro is the G1 camera sensor that Samsung unveiled last year. However, Google intends to equip its new flagships with it, and does not pay much attention to whether it is new or old. The sensor was unveiled in May 2020 and was supposed to be used by Google in the Pixel 5, which did not happen for whatever reason.

This sensor has been on the market for more than a year now. And due to the advancement of technology, we should mention it as an old sensor. Especially since Samsung has already launched the GN2 sensor. This sensor was used in new flagships such as the Xiaomi May 11 Ultra, which we also saw amazing performance. So there are two questions that need to be asked about GN1; Is this sensor old? Yes! Is this sensor malfunctioning? By no means! In all the previous tests, this sensor was able to show good performance and do not forget, photography is not only related to hardware and software also plays an important role in it. Especially if Google wants to implement its software capabilities on a sensor; That's when the result will be amazing.

If you remember, the Pixel 5 scored fairly well in reviews on the Dxomark website, but it's interesting to note that the sensor used by Google belonged to the Pixel 3 camera sensor, which It was no different from the main Pixel 2 sensor. Naturally, any progress in this area is considered very large, especially since this progress is very large and tangible in itself. Google has already shown that it can work miracles with hardware four years ago, GN1, which belongs to a year ago! After the chip and the display, the camera is the third piece of hardware in the Pixel 6, which will be made by Samsung, and it remains to be seen whether Google can defeat the iPhone 13 by making software changes in this area.

Tensor It did not have a brilliant performance in the benchmark but it can turn Pixel 6 into a protagonist

BingMag.com Pixel 6; Google and Samsung joint flagship to compete with iPhone 13

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have been under construction for a long time, but it may be worth the long wait

As mentioned, last year's CPU tensor And that's why it's wrong to compare it to the Snapdragon 888, Apple A14 or Exynos 2100 chip. How about comparing it to a chip like the Snapdragon 895, Apple 15 A15 or Exynos 2200, which uses an AMD graphics processor and Samsung wants to use it as the beating heart of the Galaxy S22 series. But the point is; The tensor has nothing to say about these processors in terms of pure processing power, but in the real world, does that amount of hardware power needed to handle everyday tasks?

Naturally, the faster the phone, the faster and better things get. However, the Snapdragon 870, which has a power equivalent to a power tensor, does not reduce the weight of any game or software at the moment. Therefore, in everyday use, the tensor will not have any problems and will meet the needs of users with the highest speed and quality.

The same goes for the camera. Maybe Samsung and Xiaomi will equip their phones with cameras with new and very powerful hardware, maybe Apple will appear in this brilliant part with Sony, but Google can still follow in the footsteps of these companies in terms of photography quality, and at least users Keep yourself satisfied. So it seems that the fact that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are out of date for a year is not a very serious issue.

One thing you should not forget is the nature of Google; Google is known as a big software company, not hardware. What we are going to see in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro is a unique software experience. Google wants to launch an amazing phone in terms of software. It does not matter to Google which company is responsible for building the hardware. This unique experience is not just going to be delivered to users via Android 12, but also image processing capabilities, video rendering, voice recognition and things like that that Google wants to look great on. Earlier, Google said that in its new phones, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro series, it intends to focus on the above three.

Release Date; September or October?

BingMag.com Pixel 6; Google and Samsung joint flagship to compete with iPhone 13 There is a lot of news about the Pixel 6 series at the moment, but in None of this news we heard anything exact about the release date or release of these phones. Unfortunately, we still do not know when this will happen, but a teaser from the vice president of the American company may give us a good idea. If we want to comment on the release date of Pixel 5, the new series must be unveiled in 25 days, ie on September 30 (October 8). But we'd not be surprised if Google unveils its handsets a little earlier than expected. But their full and official unveiling has not yet taken place. On the other hand, we should also consider the fact that Apple intends to unveil the iPhone 13 series phones in the same month and probably on the fourteenth day (September 23). It would make a lot of sense if Google decides to unveil its handsets a little earlier than this date. However, it seems that Google intends to turn the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro into a competitor to the iPhone 13 in collaboration with Samsung. Especially since these days he changed his policy in order to update the software of his phones and became more like Apple.

If Google wants to unveil the Pixel 6 series sooner than expected, it should happen on September 13, 22 September and more precisely one day before the unveiling of the iPhone 13. That we set such a date for this phone is not a misguided conjecture; In fact, the company's vice president recently released a screenshot of the lock screen of a pixel phone with an in-finger fingerprint sensor that looks like a 6-pixel. But the most important point is when the clock shows. 9:13 can actually be the same as 9/13 or September 13.

Google has the opportunity to once again establish itself in the smartphone market once and for all and stay in the minds of users forever. This could be the last chance for the software giant to sell its products in the world's major markets and become as popular as Samsung and Apple. Naturally, we do not expect this to happen this year because the iPhone 13 seems to be so popular that it can not compete with it. But if Google can be perfect, it can certainly make significant progress in the coming years. Anyway we are waiting for both phones; Both the Pixel 6 and the iPhone 13 to see if the joint product of Samsung and Google can bring the Apple representative to its knees.

Do you think the Pixel 6 can compete with the iPhone 13 thanks to Samsung?/p>

Source: PhoneArena

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