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Photoshop will soon be able to create NFT tokens

BingMag.com Photoshop will soon be able to create NFT tokens

Adobe is working on adding a feature to the Photoshop program that can be used to prove that someone selling NFT works. He is also the creator of that work. The name of this new feature is introduced in Photoshop Content Credentials and allows any NFT vendor to place their NFT with valid credentials for sale in the Marketplace after connecting their Adobe ID to a digital wallet. p>

According to a recent interview with the CEO of Adobe, this very useful feature will be demonstrated with the "prepare as NFT" option in Photoshop and will be available as a preview by the end of this month. He explained that the data related to this certificate is stored on networks similar to the torrent system called IPFS for more security. IPFS is a decentralized method of storing files in which a network of individuals is responsible for maintaining the security and availability of data, not a single company. Adobe believes that by doing so, NFT vendors such as OpenSea, Rarible, KnownOrigin and SuperRare will be able to reveal the identity of the creator of the work.

BingMag.com Photoshop will soon be able to create NFT tokens

Theft of works of art is a major problem in the NFT world. The number of people who take advantage of this great problem is not small. They will easily be able to create NFT content without having to own the copyright and put it on the Chinese block in their own name, and make money from selling it by ignoring the original creator of the artwork. Even China Blockchain can't do that to prevent such problems.

Content Credentials may not be able to prevent the theft of works of art or prevent the creation of NFT copyrighted work, but it can at least be licensed to Minimize the name of the creator of each work of art selling these NFTs in the marketplace. In other words, while this feature does not prevent the theft of works of art, it does provide a way to prove the creator of the NFTs. An NFT collector named Prinsky paid $ 300,000 for the NFT attributed to the famous graffiti artist, but it was later revealed that the NFT was a forgery. Although Prinsky managed to get his money back with his pursuits, if Banksy had registered his NFT digitally from the beginning, all this would not have been a problem. Belsky noted that even if Banksy wished to remain anonymous and did not associate his Adobe name and ID with a digital wallet, given the open system, this feature might be able to authenticate the company that authenticates his work. Find another way to get content certification.

BingMag.com Photoshop will soon be able to create NFT tokens

In addition to this feature, Photoshop intends to system Launch another beta to label edits made in Photoshop with the company logo. Speaking of NFT, it's a good idea to look at this a bit. NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token | NFT" and is, in fact, a digital token and a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Atrium. But unlike a standard coin in Bitcoin blockchain, NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged.

In fact, NFT is a digital asset that can be collected. This digital asset retains its value as a kind of cryptocurrency. In fact, just as a hand-woven rug or painting retains its value over time and is an investment, so it is with NFT.

Simply put, a work Created in Photoshop and want to sell it. Anyone can have a copy of your work on their computer and by downloading that work, you will not be paid any property rights. In another example, suppose you have painted an oil painting and want to sell it. In the first example, the photo, and in the second example, the painting, you can both convert it to an NFT, and with this conversion, even with the destruction of the physical product - here the painting - the work itself does not disappear in the form of an NFT, and Its ownership is reserved for the original NFT owner. If we want to explain more simply than this, we must say that if the painting is converted into a photo and that photo is sold in the form of an NFT, this photo will have a unique identity card that even its copies will not be equal to the original work. p>

Source: TheVerge

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