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Phone sales in Russia fell 7.%; The situation is getting worse day by day

BingMag.com <b>Phone</b> <b>sales</b> in <b>Russia</b> <b>fell</b> <b>7.%;</b> The <b>situation</b> is <b>getting</b> <b>worse</b> day by day

It seems that smartphone sales in Russia are declining day by day; This trend is even expected to continue this year.

As you know, Russia has made things very difficult for its users due to the invasion of Ukraine. While the war has not yet ended happily, many electronics companies and even major game developers such as EA and CD Project Red have banned Russia from accessing their products.

Among handset makers Smart is also the name of giants such as Samsung and Apple, which we also heard about the Russian sanctions in recent weeks. However, Samsung recently banned the country from accessing all of its electronics products in order to increase the pressure on it.

According to data published by Counterpoint Research, smartphone sales in Russia fell by 7 Has experienced work so far compared to last year. Also, according to a new report released by the institute, the blow to Russia in this regard may intensify later in the year.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, it seems Another factor seems to have played a role in this 7% decline. It seems that Russian users these days have decided to replace their smartphones later. On the other hand, most users in this country tend to buy high-end handsets instead of mid-range and economical ones, which justifies the initial reason. Because the more flagship and powerful Phone you buy, the longer you can use it without the need for a new product.

In this situation, Samsung now has 30% of the The market share of smartphone sales is leading in this country. It is interesting to know that in 2020, Samsung had 25% of the Phone market share in this country, but this time, despite the sanctions and the problems that have arisen, we are witnessing a growth of 5%. According to Counterpoint Research, the Galaxy A series handsets last year accounted for more than half of Samsung's handsets sold in Russia, a significant amount.

BingMag.com <b>Phone</b> <b>sales</b> in <b>Russia</b> <b>fell</b> <b>7.%;</b> The <b>situation</b> is <b>getting</b> <b>worse</b> day by day

The Galaxy A12 is currently one of the best Android phones with a price of less than $ 200, which was able to impress Russian users more than any other phone. Attract and become the most popular Samsung Phone in this country. However, it is not in a good position in terms of hardware power.

Xiaomi also came in second with a growth of 29% compared to 2020, with 23% of the market share. The main reason for the company's success is the supply of low-cost Redmi phones, which accounted for more than three-quarters of all Xiaomi phones sold in the country in 2021. Other Chinese companies, such as Honor and Riley, came in fourth and fifth with 6 and 5% of the market share, respectively. But the interesting thing is that there are Chinese companies that have more than 44% of the smartphone market in Russia. Of course, this was around 46% in 2020, which seems to be a 2% drop due to Huawei's exit from the competition. However, this rate is still rising thanks to other Chinese companies.

Of course, due to the devaluation of the Russian currency on the one hand, the tendency of users to hold the Phone longer on the other hand, as well as the war between Russia and Ukraine, to top it all off, has seen its handset market decline significantly compared to last year. At the moment, there is not even any hope of improving the situation. It remains to be seen whether Russia will back down from these decisions or face tougher sanctions.

Source: Android Central

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