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Phone companies need to focus on improving parts other than the camera

BingMag.com Phone companies need to focus on improving parts other than the camera

Now when we look at a smartphone we see that this gadget in a series of areas such as display and camera to that standard and the maximum amount That should have been achieved, and now companies should strive to improve its other capabilities.

When you buy a smartphone, you expect to get the highest quality for the price you pay. Naturally, this "highest quality" should be seen in all sectors, not just a series of specific sectors. But looking at today's phones, especially the flagships, we see that they perform worse in a number of areas while more focus could be placed on that area.

Now, as mentioned, most companies They focus on the camera quality of their phones. As we see these days, even the midrangers are equipped with relatively good cameras, and this trend has expanded to the point that some midrangers or even affordable flagship phones have the same functionality as the powerful flagships. But we see that there is still room for improvement in areas such as battery life or build quality. The popularity of this gadget as a product that could record the best and most attractive moments of users' lives increased day by day until the first good and portable camera was unveiled in 1888 by Kodak Children's Company. Users at the time spent a lot of time capturing images of the exciting moments of their lives, and this trend continued to the point that smartphone companies were also interested in embedding it in their products.

It can now be said that in almost all smartphones, we see at least one camera that is capable of capturing high quality images. Of course, the quality of a phone in terms of photography depends entirely on the cost you pay for it, so it can not be said that all the images you take from a phone must necessarily be high quality. But in general, it can be said that the phones have achieved what they should in this regard. So if you are planning to buy a smartphone, it does not matter to you whether a good camera is built into it or not, because we know that all of them are almost at a good level. Unless we want to move from one category to another; For example, from economical phones to flagship phones, which naturally differ from each other.

Of course, we do not mean that the camera does not matter at all and it is not considered as an important and determining factor in choosing a product. In general, we mean that for the average user, who is also a large number, and not users who are professional photographers and love to do so, the phone camera has developed so much that other companies have to shift their focus to other things. . This means that the camera of the phone should be given enough attention, and if you pay attention, you will see that even the progress of companies in this field is not very significant every year. So it's time for a change in policy.

Thanks to advances in computing photography, smartphones have become better at photography than ever before, and this advancement can be seen in a variety of contexts. For example, in low light, selfie, ultra-wide or even zoom without loss of quality. Once upon a time, we had to pay a lot to have a phone with powerful cameras to achieve our goal. In fact, achieving this goal could only be achieved by purchasing a flagship phone. But these days, for example, the Pixel 4a is available for $ 350 and is equipped with one of the best cameras a $ 500 product can have. IPhone SE 2020, Pixel 5, Galaxy S20 Fan Edition and similar products can also be mentioned as relatively cheap but high quality phones in the field of photography and video recording.

But if other than those users You need a number of weird features, such as 100x or 120x zoom, 10x optical zoom without loss of quality, and overall unique photography and video experiences, such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, OnePlus 9 Pro and the like are also available. But we want to ask you if if you are going to buy a phone and the quality of the camera is an important issue for you, do you have features like 100x zoom that are not very usable (star photography, cinematic mode and many other features that are just Are they attractive in advertising? Do they matter to you?

It is difficult to point to a relatively powerful product from the last 5 years that does not have a better camera than our satisfaction

Keep in mind that when we say focus on the camera and focus on something else, we do not mean that the new features added to them are useless.No! Companies need to shift their focus to improving other areas, such as design. It creates them and other companies do more by transforming This is the module that claims to change the look.

The design has been really repetitive in all handsets over the last few years, which is why many companies are making clamshells, rollers, handsets. With a selfie camera under the screen and things like that. The very act of making phones with this design shows that companies have also realized that people are no longer interested in phones with this look and do not necessarily buy them because there is no other option available for purchase. If you look at the patents, you will see that there are creative ideas in the design of a phone, but they never come true, while many users in the comments section are interested in these designs.

BingMag.com Phone companies need to focus on improving parts other than the camera

Phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3 or even the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 are set to shape the future of smartphone design. But none of the reviews say that because these phones have an extraordinary camera, so they are supposed to shape the future of smartphone design. In fact, it is something beyond the camera that they provide to users, and that is exactly why they are slowly gaining user satisfaction.

We are not going far. Let's start with the Galaxy Note, which of course is no longer the case. If you look closely, you can see that when Samsung unveiled the first Galaxy Note, it was not much better in terms of camera quality than its S-series counterpart, but thanks to its large screen and stylus, it was able to make a huge profit since then. Until last year for Samsung, and on the other hand, the future of smartphones was really upside down. It was because of the Galaxy Note that we now see big-screen smartphones on the market. Considered. Of course, we do not want to say that this phone had a lot of fans and therefore the camera was not really important. They will be more successful. Ask yourself, if you were buying a smartphone, would you prefer a model with a better camera and a look similar to the Microsoft Duo, or a product similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a weaker camera? Of course, appearance always depends on the user's taste, and we can not say for sure that the answer to this question will be in the minds of all users of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but in general we can not ignore the fact that appearance plays a key role in choice. Maybe products that are really powerful and equipped in terms of hardware and software capabilities, but do not sell well because of their not-so-beautiful appearance.

The smartphone camera really plays a fundamental role in choosing it, and every phone today Must be equipped with a quality camera. This is undeniable. That's why users came to the conclusion that buying a Surface Duo, which does not look good and has only one camera, does not make sense at all. That's how Microsoft decided to launch the next model with three cameras. But again, this phone is made for an experience that has nothing to do with the camera. Precisely like gaming phones that users do not pay attention to the camera at all and choose any that has better performance in terms of cooling or gaming capabilities.

BingMag.com Phone companies need to focus on improving parts other than the camera

Samsung, the leading manufacturer of clamshell phones, thought that turning a regular phone into a clamshell phone would be enough to give users a good reason to buy it. This was so insignificant for the Korean company that it did not even change the size of the sensors in its Zold Folder 3. Instead, he tried to persuade users to make changes and upgrades by making a series of changes to software and features like this. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have advanced in this regard, but we can not claim at all that the main selling point of this phone was its camera. These days, using a powerful battery that can hold a phone for more than a day is really difficult because companies have to increase the size or thickness of the phone. Similar to what happened to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The product weighs more than 200 grams so that Apple can use a battery with a capacity of more than 4,000 mAh. When not much attention is paid to this issue, we will see such things happen.

Of course, there is a series of news that smartphone manufacturers are working on improving battery technology so that they can perform Improve handsets in this area. Of course, we have not seen anything special yet, but we hope this will happen in the coming years because the battery is really an important issue that needs to be addressed. Even if a lot of attention is paid to it, it still does not diminish its importance because it is thanks to this piece that the phone stays on to do anything else. Therefore, progress in this area is really necessary.

Also, improvements should be made in the field of sensors used under the display. Still, the fingerprint sensors used under the display do not perform very well and in some cases are very slow in unlocking the phone; A complaint that many users have about Samsung phones. Also, the performance of the selfie camera that this company and other companies have installed under the screen is very low and it should be considered. An improvement that will definitely be made with more effort and focus, provided that companies focus on the right thing.

Many companies are working hard to find a way to improve the quality of the camera and make it the ultimate feature. Turn your phones. Apple even did the same with the iPhone 13 and three other models, focusing heavily on the camera and its capabilities at the launch, and devoting much of the event to that. Of course, this also worked, and while the appearance of the iPhones did not change much and we did not see much progress in other areas, users still showed interest in it, and apparently Apple's professionalism paid off.

There are other reasons for giving Apple products, and we know that Apple's focus on the camera was not the only reason to satisfy users, but why could not Apple itself focus so much on something other than the camera at that event? The main question is whether the companies' idea to improve the performance of phones in other hardware sectors has been completed? Are companies afraid of running out of ideas or have no idea what to do at all?

It seems that a combination of all these reasons should be considered as the main reason for the lack of progress of smartphones in various fields. It is unfortunate that companies with extremely creative ideas such as LG have now left the smartphone market because they were not afraid to take risks. It is a pity that LG could not have a stable and good performance in terms of software, otherwise it could have been one of the most successful companies in the field of phone sales. Of course, irrational risks could also be one of the reasons for the company's downfall. It remains to be seen what risk companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung will take to save us from the very monotonous age in which we live.

In your opinion, a lot of attention has been paid to smartphone cameras. Or do you have another thought? Please share your comments with us.

Source: Android Central

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