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The persistent astronaut took a picture of a fascinating relic on Mars

NASA's persistent astronaut moving toward a fascinating river delta at the mouth of Mars' Jezero is a remnant of Operation He photographed his landing.

While the perseverance probe, like the Ingenuity Martian helicopter, is on its way to reach the ancient tropical river delta, it must first get close to its main landing site. He was passing by.

Now the images taken by this probe from this area are a beautiful reminder of this mission. Memories of the time when Perseverance landed on the Red Planet in a terrifying moment in February 2021 (

    NASA fascinatingvideo of landing Arizona State University persistentastronomer Steve Ruff, an Arizona State University associate professor and astronomer, also released a video this week summarizing the astronaut's arrival on Marsand what to look for. The parachute and protective shield of the probe were displayed as two key components of the landing system. This video shows images taken by perseverance in April, in which a dusty parachute and the back shell of the landing system can be seen. Describing as a data probe and a Martian photographer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he shared images taken by a camera mounted on the rover's mast on April 9 (April 20).

    Persistence in imaging debris The landing itself documents the remnants of the initial stages of the mission to Mars. Imagine a day in the future when humans step on Mars and visit the historic site of the arrival of perseverance. There may be a signboard: "On February 18, 2021, NASA's persistent astronaut landed on Mars. The wreckage of the landing system is here. JPL-Caltech/ASU/Kevin Gill

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