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The persistent astronaut depicted the presence of water in the Martian rock formations

NASA's persistent astronaut recently captured images of Martian rocks with amazing layers that may be the next target for the probe's sampling.

NASA's "Perseverance" recently took some beautiful photos of layered rocks at the bottom of the Martian craters, two of which were shared by the mission team.

The mission team in an update from Mars "Look at these attractive layers," they wrote persistently. I take out my abrasive tool to look inside. Layered rocks like these often form in the presence of water and can provide clues about their past environmental conditions. "Let's see if this is the case."

Collecting samples from Mars is one of the main goals of a persistent astronaut who landed on the bottom of the Jezero crater on February 18. . The mission team aims to fill several tubes of dozens of Mars rover sampling tubes to be brought to Earth in the future by another mission to be carried out jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency.

Upon arrival of the samples With Earth, scientists in laboratories around the world will analyze samples to look for clues to ancient life and clues as to how the red planet evolved over time.

BingMag.com The persistent astronaut depicted the presence of water in the Martian rock formations

Martian rocky rocks covered with sand.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Perseverance has collected two examples from Mars to date. The astronaut is also looking for evidence of life in the distant past at the mouth of the tide and to determine the geological (or, to put it better, Martian) status of this fascinating region of Mars that once had a river and delta system and a large lake.

  • Perseverance astronaut confirms existence of huge ancient lake on Mars

Perseverance or endurance astronaut who rested for two weeks after The end of the solar comparison, which prevented the connection between Earth and Mars, has resumed its work to continue its mission. Signs of these layered rocks were also transmitted to Earth a little over a week ago, when the astronaut was reconnected. Ingenuity is possible. The helicopter was shut down during the solar comparison, but on October 24 (November 2) it flew for the fourteenth time in a thin Martian atmosphere to test the high-velocity performance of the locusts as the season changed and the atmosphere became thinner.

It seems that after the end of the solar comparison, the persistent Mars rover has not moved much because its distance of 2.67 km has not changed from when it was able to send images to Earth late last month.

The Mars rover team often stops moving the robot to explore scientifically attractive locations, such as the layered rocks that Perseverance is currently exploring. Perseverance; Next possible target for sampling
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Source: Space

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