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The performance of the Samsung Exynos 2200 chipset may be disappointing

As you probably know, Samsung's latest flagship chipset, the Exynos 2200, uses a graphics processor designed by AMD. Using AMD's expertise in this area, Samsung wants to bring much better performance to its chipsets. But now, according to a new report, the performance of the Exynos 2200 does not seem to be as expected.

One of the revealers wrote about the performance of the Exynos 2200, whose processor is only 5% faster than the previous generation, and Its GPU also offers about 17% more speed. It should be noted that the Exynos 2100 is 30% and 40% faster than the Exynos 990 in terms of CPU and GPU, respectively.

On the other hand, the revealer claims that the chip's neural processing unit It offers 117% better performance than the previous generation. It should be noted that the better the neural processing unit of a chip, the more parts based on it, such as Bixby voice assistant, will have more to say. Also, many image processing processes are performed using artificial intelligence algorithms, and these algorithms rely heavily on the neural processing unit.

BingMag.com The <b>performance</b> of the <b>Samsung</b> <b>Exynos</b> <b>2200</b> <b>chipset</b> <b>may</b> be disappointing

Although AMD is one of the most important companies in the world in the field of graphics card manufacturing, we still can not speak with certainty about the graphics processor designed by this company. Although AMD has a long history in the field of computers, it has no experience in the field of mobile, which has increased Samsung's risk of working with the company. Some experts believe that the first AMD GPU in the Exynos chipset will not have much to say, and the second and third generations will probably offer much better performance in this regard.

History of Samsung's proprietary chips The year 2010 is back. The company is currently the largest mobile chip maker after TSMC. Of course, Samsung's main strength is in the field of memory chips, and a large part of the company's revenue comes from doing so. Until 2016, all Exynos processors used Arm's Cortex-A cores. But in 2016, Samsung unveiled the Exynos 8890 chipset, which was launched with its proprietary cores called Mongoose. Samsung continued to use proprietary cores for four generations of its chips, but that trend came to an end with the launch of the Exynos 9825. Samsung spent a lot of money designing dedicated processor cores, but the distance between the company's chipsets and Qualcomm was growing year by year, so its executives decided to re-use the designs provided by Arm.

BingMag.com The <b>performance</b> of the <b>Samsung</b> <b>Exynos</b> <b>2200</b> <b>chipset</b> <b>may</b> be disappointing

Designing proprietary chips is by no means an easy task, and although Samsung has a long history in this field, Still unable to overtake Qualcomm. Qualcomm uses a proprietary architecture for its chipset graphics processor and offers excellent performance in this regard. That's why Samsung has partnered with AMD for its GPU chipset to beat Qualcomm in this area. Although some rumors initially suggested that the GPU would perform very well, it now appears that the chip will not live up to the expectations of some users.

The Exynos 2200 is said to have a Cortex core. The X2 consists of three Cortex-A710 cores and four Cortex-A510 cores. The most important competitor of this chip, Snapdragon 8 Generation 1, has used the same cores for its processor. This means that the processors of these two chips will not be much different from each other in terms of performance, and the most important difference between them is the graphics processor. Do you think the Exynos 2200 can surprise users? Leave your comments with us and others in the comments section.

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