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Only 10% of iPhone users want to buy an iPhone 13

Less than a week before the introduction of the iPhone 13, but research shows that this year's iPhones may not be very popular. According to a survey conducted by Savings with the participation of 1,500 iPhone users, only 10% of users have expressed a desire to buy the new generation.

While only 10% have expressed a desire to buy a new iPhone About 64 percent said they did not intend to buy the iPhone 13, and 26 percent said they had not yet decided.

Percentage of newer iPhone models that are less than a year old.

  • iPhone 13; Unveiling Date, Price, Features and Everything Leaked

According to the rumors that have been spread so far, we are almost familiar with most of the features of the iPhone family this year. Of all the features mentioned, the following three seem to be the most attractive to users:

  • Satellite communication
  • Improved cameras
  • Batteries Higher capacity

BingMag.com Only 10% of iPhone users want to buy an iPhone 13

They have their iPhones to the iPhone 13, it is mentioned:

While men and women have almost the same plans to upgrade their phones, the age of their current phone has had a significant impact on iPhone users' plans to buy a new model. 70% of people who plan to upgrade their phone have iPhones that are less than two years old, and one in three people have an iPhone that is less than a year old.

The fact is that most of these people who want to replace their phones that are less than 2 years old , Replace with new iPhone; Instead of buying the phone in the usual way, they probably bought their phones under contract with the operators, and the introduction of the iPhone 13 coincides with the end of their contract.

According to the results of this study, considering 116 million users IPhone in the US, it is estimated that by the time the iPhone 13 launches, approximately 12 million people in the US will have applied to purchase it. Also, if those who have not yet decided to buy the iPhone 13 benefit, another 30 million will be added to the population.

In July, an analyst at JPMorgan predicted that sales of the iPhone 13 could go up. Exceed the expectation. The organization expects Apple to be able to sell 226 million iPhones by the end of 2022, which is almost in line with TrendForce forecasts. Other research organizations have put the figure at between 150 and 210 million units.

  • What do we expect from Apple's next event? Will we see the iPhone 13?

Apple will unveil the iPhone 13 family along with the Apple Watch 7 Series and possibly several other products on September 14 (September 23) at the California Streaming event.

Source: 9TO5Mac

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