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OnePlus unveiled the Buds N and Airbuds Bullets Wireless Z2

Oneplus today unveiled two of its new wearable gadgets, both of which have similar uses. One of these products unveiled the OnePlus Buds N and the other unveiled the Wireless airbags called the Bullets Wireless Z2.

The OnePlus Buds N and the Bullets Wireless Z2 are both built for the same purpose and even have the same overall capabilities but design and ergonomics , Distinguishes them from each other. The OnePlus Buds N is an airbag that fits inside the ear and has no wires. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 is a Wireless Bluetooth earphone that wraps around the user's neck with a single wire but is still Bluetooth based. Both products have a number of similar features, including IP55 with the ability to withstand the ingress of water droplets and dust, 30 hours of battery life and Bluetooth support version 5.2.>

OnePlus Buds N will be available in 199 yuan and in two colors, black and white. Since this product is available in China, we do not have the price in dollars, but by converting the unit, we reach $ 31, which is a reasonable price. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 will be available at exactly the same price, but in two colors, black and blue. Both products will be available for pre-order from today and for purchase from April 26.

But we will take a closer look at the capabilities of these two products to see what features OnePlus has in store for them./p>

OnePlus Winds N

BingMag.com <b>OnePlus</b> <b>unveiled</b> the <b>Buds</b> N and <b>Airbuds</b> <b>Bullets</b> <b>Wireless</b> Z2

OnePlus Winds N has a special Togoshi design and stem part It is also flat. The windmills themselves have a relatively large 12.4 mm driver that the Chinese company claims will deliver extremely clear sound to the user. This AirBods also uses Dolby Atmos feature and the user can adjust its equalizer manually. Each phone has two microphones to make the noise reduction process better and more accurate.

The delay time of this Airbus is 94 milliseconds, which is thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 support. Each wind turbine uses a 41 mAh battery, which along with the charger case with a 480 mAh battery, can accompany users for a total of 30 hours. Of course, these 30 hours are only for playing music, and it will definitely be less than this amount in different situations. One of the good features of this product is the support for fast charging technology, so that with 10 minutes of charging, it can provide the required charge for use for 5 hours, and this is excellent. It also uses touch to control the media, which includes playing, pausing and going to the next music. This windshield also uses IP55 waterproof and dustproof standard, which is good for a product with this application.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2

BingMag.com <b>OnePlus</b> <b>unveiled</b> the <b>Buds</b> N and <b>Airbuds</b> <b>Bullets</b> <b>Wireless</b> Z2

We come to the Bullets Wireless Z2 earphone, which we should mention as the successor to the Z model from two years ago. This product is completely new and the diameter of its drivers, such as the N winds, reaches 12.4 mm, making the bass reach the user's ear with greater intensity and quality. Even the silicone series on the windshields are made of anti-allergy materials so that the user's ear is not damaged if used for a long time.

This earphone has an attractive feature that allows it to quickly deliver the latest product to it. Was connected to be connected. The battery capacity of this gadget is 200 mAh and can accompany up to 30 hours of music playback. This is similar to what we see in the Badz N, but 10 hours longer than the first generation of this product. Bullets Wireless Z2 also supports fast charging technology and can last 20 hours for just 10 minutes of charging.

Finally, we should mention that OnePlus of these products was unveiled in China And we do not know if it has any plans to release them globally. Now we have to wait and see what happens.

Source: Gizmo China

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