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OnePlus probably works on a clamshell phone

BingMag.com <b>OnePlus</b> <b>probably</b> <b>works</b> on a <b>clamshell</b> phone

It seems that OnePlus wants to produce and launch a clamshell phone in the near future, but it is not clear exactly when this will happen.

OnePlus's new user interface, OxygenOS 13, which is supposed to be based on Android 13 and will be unveiled later this year, will be designed in collaboration with Google and OnePlus fans to make the user interface simpler, lighter and more attractive to Android. Stoke should be more similar. But changes in appearance are not the whole story, because in appearance the Chinese company wants to enter a new field in addition to the usual handsets, which is currently the undisputed ruler of Samsung.

In a group interview with the Android Central website And other news media outlets, the CEO of OnePlus, in response to the question of what capabilities are going to be introduced in the new user interface with Google, said that this cooperation with Google will improve security and privacy capabilities and change the overall design of the interface. will give. In addition, in terms of software, we can not say much because we are in the early stages.

We are sure that this company will enter this field soon. He said that OnePlus and Google are trying to work on the company's flagship phones such as clamshell phones and a series of new features that will be offered for this type of product. Since this news was announced by the CEO of the company, so there is no doubt and we can say that it is completely official.

BingMag.com <b>OnePlus</b> <b>probably</b> <b>works</b> on a <b>clamshell</b> phone

Let's go back to the OxygenOS 13 user interface, which will be based on Android 13, and if we want to consider the previous plans, we should see the unveiling of both of them this fall. The new Android operating system will also include all the features that are intended for the optimal and comprehensive use of phones with large screens such as clamshell phones in Android 12L. OnePlus also seems to be one of the first companies to want to take advantage of these new Android changes and launch its first clamshell phone. This alone will not be the result of a direct partnership with Google.

In response to a series of other questions about the OnePlus clamshell phone, the company's founder, Pete Love, stated that Google is collaborating on many areas such as Chrome and Android, so clamshell phones are only a small but very important part of this collaboration. Of course, Oppo has a lot of experience in this field and successfully unveiled and launched its first clamshell phone in China. One of the things that makes us sure that OnePlus will launch its clamshell phone sooner than expected is Oppo. Usually, whatever Oppo produces, OnePlus, of which it is a subsidiary, adds it later to its product portfolio. So with the Find N as the Oppo clamshell, we will definitely see a similar one to the OnePlus brand soon.

Since the OxygenOS 13 interface on Android 13 is supposed to be the OnePlus clamshell operating system, so It can be roughly said that in late 2022 or finally in early 2023, OnePlus will unveil its clamshell phone. This is the first time we see the CEO of a company announce his work on clamshell phones. But the fact that OnePlus is working on such projects has been somewhat clear since last year. It was in late 2021 that a phone with a double hinge design and the possibility of folding three times was patented by OnePlus.

BingMag.com <b>OnePlus</b> <b>probably</b> <b>works</b> on a <b>clamshell</b> phone BingMag.com <b>OnePlus</b> <b>probably</b> <b>works</b> on a <b>clamshell</b> phone

Of course, such a patent takes a long time to become a reality, but we're not too sure exactly what design OnePlus intends. Now that we are just at the beginning of the clamshell line, we have seen several different designs of these products. Now we have to wait and see what happens.

Source: Android Central

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