One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is still a great phone after a year of release, with more resistance than expected, but one important thing about it. There are some things that you must remember before buying it or any other folding phone. One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is still a great phone after a year of release, with more resistance than expected, but one important thing about it. There are some things that you must remember before buying it or any other folding phone.

Folding phones have not yet reached the maturity they should, and as a result, they are still considered as new, unproven and weak phones. Poor quality is mentioned. But compared to the previous generations, Samsung has really made significant progress in increasing the quality of folding phones, which can be clearly seen and felt.

Maybe three years ago, that is, when Samsung first released the Galaxy Fold. With those strange stories it unveiled, it didn't make much sense to say that foldable phones would have a bright future, and users didn't accept it either. But now we can boldly say that a good future lies in the way of the Korean company and folding technology in general.

Samsung managed to sell 10 million folding phones last year and this figure is not at all comparable to the amount of sales that the company made last year. It was not before that. Samsung seems to have found the formula for success and is following it because every year that goes by, despite the fact that the resistance of foldable phones does not increase significantly, we still see many users showing interest in buying them.

The build quality is the only part of the foldable phone that still needs to be improved. In fact, we must say that no matter how hard the companies try in this sector, it is still insufficient because the display is flexible, weak, and very sensitive to impact; As a result, it should be treated very cautiously. Definitely, a user cannot keep a phone like a glass all the time he is using it and be careful that it falls and breaks. Therefore, the manufacturing companies should think about this situation. One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

Except that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 received a small scratch on its lower part during this one year, the external display showed a very high quality

According to the author of the source site, which actually He said about his experiences in the field of working with Samsung folding phones, after buying Galaxy Z Fold 2 as his first folding phone, he examined it for 10 months and wrote and published its strengths and weaknesses in an article. After he bought the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as a replacement for this phone, he now decided to write about its strengths and weaknesses so that users who read the previous article can understand how much this product has improved compared to before. and to what extent its weaknesses are not covered.

He replaced the Galaxy Z Fold 2 because of the bubble in the display and bought the Galaxy Z Fold 3 instead to experience a newer product and It is more interesting to see and understand the differences between the two generations. He says that compared to regular phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is not waterproof. This feature is really necessary for a flagship phone with a price tag of more than 1000 dollars, because users may expose the phone to water many times. Also, the low resistance of the phone caused Since the birth of her child, she has kept the phone completely in another room because she was worried that something might happen to it. Buying a smartphone should definitely not be such a concern for users; Of course, the phone and the child are two words that make many parents cringe when they hear it, because they have probably had bitter experiences, but still, the folding phone has a much lower resistance, and in fact, it can be said that when you buy it, your child He should not even know that such a product exists at home.

Cases like this made him go for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which had at least the IPX8 waterproof standard and could even be submerged in water at a depth of 1 meter. prevent inside In this regard, he said: "If a phone can last 1 meter in water for 30 minutes and survive a fall from a height of 1 meter, a child who is not even a year old cannot harm him". p> One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

The back panel of the phone also shows a very high resistance. and although there are some scratches on the hinge and frame, these problems are minor and normal

As it seems, his strategy worked. Although he had to pay an additional $800 for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 despite trading in the Z Fold 2, the upgrade was apparently worth it. Apparently, this phone has been dropped, bitten, and even milk has been spilled on it; A small scratch is also a proof that the Z Fold 3 was not stored in a swan's feather at all. However, it has survived and its owner is very happy about it. Although the addition of the IPX8 waterproof standard, which has been in regular phones for years, is quite an upgrade It's not impressive, but compared to foldable phones, this feature worked wonders and made Z Fold 3 perhaps the most durable foldable phone available. It is not placed inside the protective frame and is used completely without a frame. The author says that the phone has been dropped many times and fell on the ground, many times it has fallen on a hard object, and the scratches on the hinges and the side frame are fully indicative of this issue. But in the end, the high resistance that this phone showed was great. Even dust and dirt didn't have a chance to get inside thanks to Samsung's good design. One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

Since the phone was never placed in a protective case during this one year, the existence of scratches on different parts of its body can be justified

We come to the point The downside of the story...

"The biggest weakness of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in terms of resistance is its screen protector". This was what the author of the article came to after six months of using this phone and brought it up in his report a year later. Although Samsung claims to have used a better screen protector in this product (from TPU to PET) and even stronger adhesives to stick the protector to the screen to prevent bubbles from entering, at least according to this person's experience, these methods work. They weren't.

In the first six months, there were apparently no problems and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 worked as best as possible for its owner. But on a cold winter day, he takes the phone out of his pocket and hears a cracking sound. If this happened to any of us, we might have prayed that the breaking sound was from something else, but this sound really came from the phone itself, and it scared the owner. At first, he thought that maybe the outer protection of the phone was broken due to the extreme cold, but after careful examination, he realized that the problem was from somewhere else. He found that there was a big gap between the protective layer of the screen and the screen itself near the crease in the middle, as if someone had pulled the screen protector. One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

A few days after the first bubble was seen between the screen and the screen protector, the phone fell like this

There was no specific reason for this and the owner of the phone could never find out for sure why this happened. But his guess is exactly what I think. Apparently, the phone in his pocket gets hot and when he takes it out, the cold makes the screen protector very fragile. Other than that, there is no logical explanation for this problem because before that the phone was working without any problem.

This was the only problem that appeared for the Z Fold 3 after six months, but the same problem. It caused all the bubbles to penetrate into the phone and make it out of its original attractive shape. Of course, this problem did not occur only for this person, and many Z Fold 3 users have also experienced it. All you have to do is hear that first crack, and from then on it only takes a few days for the entire crease in the middle of the screen to be filled with bubbles. They have formed a very large bubble across the crease from top to bottom so that no matter how hard you press it, it won't help because the gap is caused by the separation of the adhesive between the screen protector and the display and it definitely won't fix it. On the other hand, this gap caused dust to penetrate between the screen and the screen protector, which is not good at all. Samsung has also urged users to change the screen protector only in authorized and legal centers of this company, so users who do not have access to these centers should be very careful with their devices. One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

This picture shows how much dust can get in when there is a gap between the screen protector and the display. Reduce the user experience. With the formation of the first bubble, if no action is taken by the user to fix this problem, the bubble will become so big that it will cause such problems for the phone in a very short period of time. Raghat realized that not only he was not the only one who faced this problem, but the number of users who had such a problem with their phone was much more than what he imagined. He talked to two users who had the same problem and realized that after six or eight months, they encountered the exact same bubbles and didn't know what to do. The problem that caused the replacement of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protector to become one of the most repeated tasks that happens in Samsung repair centers.

Result; Resistance is both a weakness and a strength of Galaxy Z Fold!

After experiencing Galaxy Z Fold 2 and 3, the author of the article came to the conclusion that very likely, after several months, Galaxy users Z Fold 3 with bubble in between The screen and screen saver will be displayed. If Samsung doesn't think about this situation, Galaxy Fold 4 will definitely suffer from the same problem. This problem will be very troublesome especially for users who do not live near Samsung authorized centers or there is no news of these agents in their country. Especially if an authorized representative is found, you have to wait in line for several hours to solve the problem, and it takes a whole day from the user. One year with Galaxy Z Fold 3; More resistant than imagined but with a big weakness!

This is a picture of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 after one year of use. Although the bubbles are not very visible indoors and can be tolerated, they are clearly visible and negatively affect the user experience. Especially since they were few in the beginning and became more and more every day

With all these interpretations, the bubbles can be tolerated. This means that this problem is really bad and should not exist, especially since dust penetrates into the phone. But if you are not a sensitive user (in fact, we should say if you don't care at all), after a few days you will get used to it and forget that there is such a problem inside the phone, although we do not mean that you will not see the bubbles. Of course, if this problem occurs to you, repair the phone as soon as possible so that the problem does not get bigger. Slow down, at least prevent the occurrence of these small and trivial problems. The fact that a large part of the central part of our $1,800 phone is bubbling and dust seeping into it after six months is not a small problem at all, and we cannot recommend Samsung representatives to anyone else despite it.

We hope that Samsung has improved the quality of the Galaxy Fold 4 and uses stronger adhesives so that such a problem does not arise after opening and closing the phone several times or exposing it to hot air. This positive change is expected from Samsung because the company is going to increase the price of its phones compared to before. Therefore, such a request is not considered big at all, but it is really important. Galaxy Fold 4 is going to be unveiled the day after tomorrow along with Flip 4. Definitely, in the upcoming event, Samsung will provide explanations regarding the resistance of the display of these phones, so we have to wait and see if a solution to the mentioned problem will be mentioned or not.

Do you also have Galaxy Z Are you using full 3 or 2? Do you have the experience of seeing such a problem?

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