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One UI 5.0 UI beta will be released in July this year

BingMag.com <b>One</b> UI <b>5.0</b> UI <b>beta</b> will be <b>released</b> in <b>July</b> this year

It looks like Samsung plans to officially release the One UI 5.0 UI beta to eligible users next month (July)./p>

Samsung plans to release its One UI 5.0 user interface for its phones at the same time as the official release of Android 13. This will most likely happen in October, but since the Korean company also releases a beta version of the interface to users every year, it intends to do the same and wants to make a beta version of One UI 5.0 available next month.

The beta version of the user interface expected by Samsung will not be available to all users and only those who are eligible can receive it. Users who have signed up for the update will be able to get the expected interface in beta in the third week of July.

One UI 5.0 will be released initially for the Galaxy S22 series, and possibly the Korean company later Make it available for other products as well. But officially, the release of this update will start for all Korean phones from October this year.

If Samsung releases its UI beta next month, it will be ahead of last year's plan. . Last year, Android 12 was released very soon for Samsung phones and surprised users. Now, if this trend starts sooner this year, Samsung will set a record in this regard.

Last year, a beta version of the Samsung UI was released in September for Galaxy S21 series users, and officially in the month Available November. Now, if July is considered to be the beta month of One UI 5.0, we will probably see the release of the final version of One UI 5.0 in October, when Google itself will probably release the official version of Android 13 in the vicinity. At the same time as the official launch of the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung announced that it wants to support its new handsets for four years. This means that the Galaxy S22 series will receive its first major update in October.


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