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One of the selfie cameras of the Pixel Fold is in a strange place

BingMag.com <b>One</b> of the <b>selfie</b> <b>cameras</b> of the <b>Pixel</b> <b>Fold</b> is in a <b>strange</b> place

Google started the development process of its first folding phone called Pixel Fold a long time ago and many reports have been published in this field. Now One of the famous Chinese whistleblowers who operates under the username Digital Chat Station on the Weibo social network has revealed more details about this phone.

He wrote that the back panel of this phone is similar to the Pixel 7 and the panel The front is similar to Oppo Find N phone. Like this Oppo phone and the Galaxy Z Fold series, Google has used a horizontal opening and closing mechanism for it. This whistleblower also claimed that for the external display, the selfie camera is embedded in the display hole, but the internal display does not have any hole. Instead, the selfie camera related to the internal display is embedded in the frame of the phone.

This is not the first time that the selfie camera is placed in the frame of the phone. For example, years ago, the Nokia N9 phone and the early models of the Xiaomi Mi Mix series were based on the same feature. In the era when phones have to choose between the display hole, the camera under the display and the notch, Google wants to use the fourth solution so that the Pixel Fold can differentiate itself from its competitors in this field.

Still in relation We cannot talk with certainty about the release date of this phone and we have to see if we will see the unveiling of this foldable phone before the end of 2022.

  • How long should we wait for the release of a perfect foldable phone? Shall we stay?

Source: Android Authority

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