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One reason that proves deleting the Galaxy Note series was a big mistake!

BingMag.com <b>One</b> <b>reason</b> <b>that</b> <b>proves</b> <b>deleting</b> the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Note</b> <b>series</b> was a <b>big</b> mistake!

After the release of the Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung decided not to produce the Galaxy Note series anymore, and since then only One flagship a year, and that from Have S series. But there is a reason that proves that the removal of the Galaxy Note series was a big mistake by Samsung. Samsung will not be introduced and will not be marketed. The Galaxy Note series has been removed, but another product has replaced it with exactly the same design language and specifications; Galaxy S Ultra. Products that are very similar to the Note series and only their names distinguish them from each other. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the first full-featured phone in the Galaxy Note series. This product not only has flat angles but also supports the pen. But this support is not limited to here; Samsung has even included a port inside the phone to hold the pen so that the user will no longer have to buy the pen as an accessory like last year.

With this clever policy, Samsung The pressure of criticism from users and fans of the Galaxy Note series eased somewhat. On the other hand, the way to offer clamshell phones has become smoother. Consider that if the Galaxy Note series were to survive, its unveiling would coincide with clamshell phones every year, and thus we would see a busy event, full of diverse and confusing handsets. On the other hand, if the company were to launch these phones at the same time as the S series, they would disrupt each other's sales. So the smart move was to remove a bunch of flagships, which was called the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Aside from all that, there's a reason we don't like it so much. Although Samsung has paved the way for both the Galaxy S series and clamshell handsets, and has not eliminated the Galaxy Note series in any way with the Model S Ultra, the problem is exactly where the Model S Ultra has replaced the Note Series.>

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has almost nothing in common with other Galaxy S series phones. This phone is completely Galaxy Note 22 Ultra according to the design and policy of Samsung in this field. This means that it has no characteristics of the Galaxy S series phones other than the source of "being a phone". This is the only solution that has stood in the way of users and fans of the Galaxy Note series; If you want the Galaxy Note series, you have to pay $ 1,300! You will also have a product that is 6.8 inches and very large.

Not all fans of the Note series are going to have big hands. So logic dictated that if the Note series was to be eliminated, at least two models would be added to the Galaxy S series to bring the number of Samsung phones in the flagship category to four each year; Two models of the S series with the capabilities of this series and two models of the Note series with its capabilities. On the other hand, Samsung could also design a regular model and a premium model from each series. Exactly what Apple intends to do with the iPhone 14 series. IPhone 14 and 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and 14 Pro Max. Samsung could also introduce the Galaxy S and S Ultra, the Galaxy Note and the Note Ultra every year.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is big, heavy, very powerful, and most importantly, expensive. Naturally, not everyone can afford it. So the question arises as to why anyone interested in the Note series should limit themselves to buying the S22 Ultra? If Samsung does not change its policy, we should see the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the same design. This means that next year, the situation of fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note series will not change.

With what Samsung has done now, perhaps even a large number of Galaxy Note series users will be disappointed with this company and their favorite brand. To change. Especially since for a whole year, there was no news about the Galaxy Note series at all, and users had to buy a product from the Galaxy S series with the ability to support the pen, and provide the pen separately. The move made the Galaxy S 21 series not sell as well as expected. Especially since the Galaxy S21 Ultra with stylus support was not well received by users at all. This was the main reason why Samsung decided to market the S22 Ultra in this way, because the users of the Galaxy Note series were really unhappy about it.

However, it seems that the products of a few years later, clamshell phones Or augmented reality-based examples. Products that will not have the characteristics of today's ordinary phones and will benefit from much more, stranger and more innovative capabilities. Maybe that's why we see that the Korean company does not pay much attention to this sector. Or maybe that's all Samsung has in its pocket. At the moment, a large part of the company's handset sales are the mid-range and economical Galaxy A series, and in the meantime, there is a real vacancy of flagships with a price of $ 700. Of course, Samsung also has fan edition phones with this The price goes up in the market and in practice it should be said that it has four flagships every year, but these phones also do not support the stylus. They are not much different from the standard model of the S series flagships.

Apple, for example, has a smarter policy. The American company has been making huge profits for a long time with the introduction of a completely old phone, but with a new processor and a very reasonable price, but on the other hand, it has increased the number of its flagships to 4 so that the price can be widely distributed among them. Buy your own financial model. Although it seems that Apple is a little happy that users are buying their phones anyway, and it shows that it is happy to deprive its users of a number of good features, but its policy has made more profit. And attract more users.

Certainly Samsung is not just pursuing its own policy to make users happy. The company is also looking for more profit, but has chosen a path that does not seem to have a bright future as it should. Maybe this year, or next year, it will be Apple that will take the company to the top of the list of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. It was these misguided events and policies that plunged Nokia into the abyss, wiped out HTC and LG, made Sony an alien brand to today's users, and spawned a series of miscellaneous brands that lasted for several years. There was no preamble to them!

Now we have to see what Samsung plans for the future. Does the company decide to increase the number of its flagship phones to four in One year to have One answer for each Apple representative, and on the other hand to keep the Note series users happy, or is it still the same policy that I personally believe is very political? Not interesting will continue? What do you think about this?

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